TunnelBear VPN Review

Free and paid VPN service which is offered by TunnelBear for its user.but the free version is limited.it is about 500MB/month bandwidth.

TunnelBear VPN software used the industrial standard OpenVPN protocol which is about 256-bit AES encryption.

But unluckily, their connection speed is slow.ExpressVPN and NordVPN are very faster than their speed.

but, what you think? It is linked to the other VPN.so, is it a good choice?

Now we should find out it:

General information on TunnelBear:

we can see that free and paid is ensured by the tunnel bar.

It was arisen by Ryan Dochuk and Daniel Kaldor since 2011.both of them was wisdom in Microsoft, Rim, Goldman Sachs, and a mobile security startup. Most of the time they spend their time in the tech world.

The company is based in Toronto. Although North and South America, Asia, Australia, Europe and more than 22 countries are connected to their VPN servers.

TunnelBear Pros

1.No Logging

There are strict no logging policy in TunnelBear and their privacy is too much clear. various kinds of data that does not explicitly collect, store or log in TunnelBear.such as,

  • IP address upon service connection.
  • IP address visiting our website.
  • DNS queries while connected.
  • Any information about the application, service, or websites our users use while connected our service:

Image from: https//www.tunnelbear.com/privacy policy

It is good news for conscious users.in fact, we can say that they are not attracted when law inducement is knocking and they aren’t selling any kind of data.

The personally collected information they will hand over us.As it is required by Canadian law.

There are a various thing like your name, email address, OS version, last four digits of your credit card number, amount of data used which is outlined by the privacy policy.

They can enter your account through their PCL-compliant payment partners and so they don’t stocks your full credit card number.

2.No leakes Detected

It is a leak-free VPN.so it is a tenacious choice because of its user-friendly interface and rock solid encryption.AES 256 is the most advanced and uncrackable encryption and TunnelBear use it with OpenVPN.

TunnelBear ensures that browsing activity is “protected by a bear” and to explain the point over and over again, he uses Whimsical looking cartoon.

In fact, we can check it throughout its testing process:

After installing this VPN its software saved delivering squeaky clean results.

3.Free Plan and Works on Multiple Devices

Only 500MB capped it.

Though the free plan of TunnelBear is very small it helps you to check out the app and test your own speed.

They ensure emanated apps for Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS.Both for Chrome and Opera and a tracker blocking scope is also a browser extension that praises their services.

4. Extremely Safe and Secure

In fact, this VPN is the cheap VPN than any other VPN and it is known to us that it is also safe.

OpenVPN protocol is used on Windows, Mac, and Android device and TunnelBear uses it. Just now, iOS and other versions get IPSec and IKEv2.
After all, it encrypts that we are looking for.IPSec protocol ensures 128 bit AES but on the other hand, OpenVPN and IPSec/IKEv2 ensure 256-bit AES protection.It is a great protocol and US government use it and we can also use it.

It ensures strong data authentication and impenetrable Diffie-Hellman key.we can know that we are connected with TunnelBear server through this service.in fact, we are not unholy man in-the-middle rogue.
TunnelBear ensures a cool VigilantBear Service that helps you to connect and disconnect with this service.Sometime, your data will go out because of your dropping Wifi but VigilantBear restrains that from occurring.

What they could find to see,Hackernoon took a deep dive into the TunnelBear code in January 2017.it is technical but if you want you can read. These are not surprised by them.Even they were pictured that TunnelBear includes DNS and IPv6 to discover leaks, that is great for protecting your privacy.
Their encryption is crusty, is not proved by TunnelBear.After all, TunnelBear is great for use.
Diffie-Hellman key exchange method has some drawbacks.

The older version of iOS use 1,024-bit DH group while the desktop, Android, and iOS 9+ VPNs use 2,048-bit DH group. In this situation, the powerful nation attackers are able to compromise that key exchange.

5.Nice Features

There are various features in TunnelBear.such as,

  • Kill Switch
  • Anonymous IP
  • Simultaneous Connection

We can see that, while some websites are blocking, it appears to be a VPN. It is annoying and it fights between VPN providers and these websites. For example, GhostBear features are the best to hide the fact but it will fool some business and governments, not at all.

Standard TunnelBear connection ensures that whether we are connected to the site. If we are not, it’s worth trying to GhostBear VPN or hiding the fact will slow your connection, so it is not recommended for you at all.

6.Easy to Use

TunnelBear service is very easy and it is the mission of them to make it easy for everyone. It is very easy to use. Like other high-end-VPN, it is not so difficult. you are just access to encrypt browsing.

image : www.thebestvpn.com

By disqualification, what you need to see, it shows you: where you are and the tunnel you are using, where you are browsing etc.

Although it has some additional settings, if you don’t want to dig them, you can just enjoy the simple, clean interface.

The same browser extension is here, it turns them on and them alone.so, it doesn’t get much easier than those.

7. Independently Audited for Security

A lot of bad press for some VPNs has been seen over the past few years.
Logging data, bandwidth selling, overstated security it all Gnaw dependence in VPNs for these, TunnelBear use independent organization to audit their VPN for security.
In the industry, this is a rare thing and it takes a meekness for TunnelBear to give it back. In fact, we can read the results that they have published online.

Among all the VPN it is only the VPN that offer this that I have ever come across. we have to keep in mind that it is last updated on July 2017 and the company yet update it again.

8.Allows Torrenting and Tor

TunnelBear service did not allow Torrenting. All point out that it has changed now.

TunnelBear website provides a lot of information about them. If there’s not much information you can see the information from a TunnelBear representative through their customer service department.

They ensure that they allow both Torrenting and Tor network. It seems to be changed from when we first reviewed it. In fact, their status on the P2P file sharing was very difficult. At present, they are joined with us and one kind of VPN service clasping that people want to use a VPN for.

Tor means “The Onion Router” which is encrypted and private web browser.most of the people use Tor VPN connection to maximize their anonymity. This is not used some VPN.TunnelBear told you to use Tor but the representative warned that it decreases speeds.

9.Responsive and Through Customer Support

TunnelBear ticketed is based on a customer support system that we did not like because there is still no live chat offer in TunnelBear.So, how we assess ticket systems.

  1. How much time do they take to get back to me?
  2. Will they answer my question in a complete manner?

Both of these factors, I was attractive. In fact, I have to see that it is one of the best-ticketed systems that I have ever seen.

Firstly, the cartoon system bear hidest thing and I will “palm” to let you admire it.
Enjoy that epigram? their customer service is full of them, so ouch up.
I want to know about Torrenting Tor, file sharing and Netflix.
Firstly, I want to talk about the time that it took prior to dropping the answer.

I sighed and ready to disdain this department because of its 48 hours giving a timeframe. But I want an answer within two hours.
It is a fast simplification for tickets. How it is the time for the answer.It has the ability to favor me and it has individuality. one can’t question for anything more about customer service department.

But baby-bear steps…..

You can’t smirk and not told to have a pawsome day.

TunnelBear Cons

1.Speed Problems(slow)

All the system of TunnelBear was well but it has a speed problem. Although it has a good download speed to some user, but according to me, it has some problem, because when I was using EU server, my 100 Mbps connection felled in 58.26 Mbps. I think it’s a big fell.

Some results are given below when I was using this with a 100MB connection.

US Server(New York)

Ping: 120ms
Download: 33.38Mbps
Upload: 15.04Mbps

EU Server(Amstardam)

Ping: 39ms
Download: 52.26Mbps
Upload: 27:20Mbps

Asia Server(Hong Kong)

Ping: 345ms
Download: 7.54Mbps
Upload: 2.63Mbps

UK Server(London)

Ping: 44 ms
Download: 50.10Mbps
Upload: 48.36Mbps

There is always some vanquish speed and this vanquish speed affect your browsing wisdom.

They are not totally bad but overall they’re bad against other probable VPNs like Express VPN.

2.No Netflix

Unluckily, at the time of blocking VPNs Netflix is so much better.

They have the ability to block many VPN providers so that they block some VPN provider around the world.
It was proved that many users have had success in unblocking Netflix.
But there are many servers that we have tested did not properly.

Here we give a list of top 100 working VPNs that you have used for unblocking Netflix for Netflix.

3.No Router Installation

If you want to install its VPN software directly on your router, it doesn’t support. You can do it in another way, otherwise, it doesn’t support. You can use this VPN for increased protection. But if you want to install this VPN directly, you will find another provider.

TunnelBear Pricing, Plans, and Facts

TunnelBear pricing and plans are very simple.
If you want to test out the app, the free option is very good. Though the bandwidth that you can use is 500Mb per month.

The biggest annual plan is Grizzly. The limitless VPN service for 12 months. You will pay $59.99 upfront.

By this plan, you can save five devices.TunnelBear is a great wager VPN that cover your whole family.
Thus, this is very inexpensive. though NordVPN has been able to overcome it.

In fact, TunnelBear does not offer returns. Though there is no money back guarantee you can use their free version before upgrade.

  • No logging: Yes
  • Ease of the VPN software. Their app is very simple.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses: No returns
  • Upsells: No upsells.
  • Instant access after payment: Yes
  • DNS leaks: None
  • Jurisdiction: Canada
  • Tunneling Protocols: OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2
  • Kill Switch: Yes

TunnelBear accepts credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, and American Express payment systems.They also allow Bitcoin, a digital form of cryptocurrency that is 100% untraceable.

There is also a pretty joke to accept jars of honey.

Do we Recommend TunnelBear VPN?

TunnelBear whether good or bad it depends on the need for using this VPN.It is a great choice to save your privacy. Though the speed is very slow, it is very simple to use and it offers tenacious security.

But if you use it for another thing, you must have to choose another VPN.

I was imprinted with their prosperous customer service and the new ability to torrent.In fact, they solve many of our complaints.

Because of their slow speed, I can’t recommend it for everyone.Finally, if you are looking for more, you can use other top VPN like Express VPN.

Among all VPN, one of the best VPN is given below that you have checked out.

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