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The Best VPN Services

There are many VPN discussions here. There are many paid and free VPN.

There are many things that are similar, their characteristics and their type of work are the same. Below are some VPN discussions. Which will keep your browser safe.

But how do you choose a good VPN?

Choosing the best VPN based on what VPN providers say about their VPN is really a lot of trouble. are checking every VPN and published her reviews. We are check all VPN perfomence, spreed test, cons/pros, And check out its external information. We already have a few VPN testing and reviewing.

Here are some of the part that you would compare to VPN.

  • Download speed
  • Jurisdiction and work policy
  • Torrenting and Netflix availableness
  • Privacy and security features/flaws
  • Usability and support
  • Cost

The Best VPN Service For internet Privacy And Security (2018)

If you use VPN if you keep your previous data, then it is better not to use VPN. Use some VPNs whose speed, IP address, and price are friendly. You which VPN, makes your browser privacy safe and makes your work more comfortable.

So here without any problem best top 10 VPN:

1 . The Best VPN “All Rounder”- Express VPN ($6.67/mo)

Express VPN is the only user friendly It has a security mechanism that keeps all your data safe. There is no policy of login to it, as it is a service from British Virgin Islands, so they do not have any data or customer data with them. 

15 months $6.67/mth
6 months $9.99/mth
1 month $12.95/mth

3 year plan $2.99/mth
24 months $3.99/mth
12 months $6.99/mth
1 month $11.95/mth

2. NORDVPN -The Best “Cheap” VPN ($2.99/mo)

The price of NordVPN is comparatively low and its functionality is much better.Their private networks are very safe. They use OpenVPN tunneling protocol and AES 256-bit encryption on the NordVPN network. They provide double protection to customer data. This is the best VPN in my used VPN.

3.The best VPN- CyberGhost ($2.5/mo)

Cyberghost VPN is a very cheap price.They are giving too much opportunity at this price and their services are much better. Their VPN service providers was unveiled seven years ago. But they quickly become popular of the customer for their good service. They provide all the services you expect through their VPN. Such as AES 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN etc.

3 year plan $2.5/mth
12 months $5.25/mth
1 month $12.99/mth
3 year plan $2.91/mth
12 months $3.33/mth
1 month $6.95/mth

4.Private Internet Access- Top retting VPN ($2.91/mo)

Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN cheapest in all of other VPN. And that’s the reason for their number of VPN users are increasing day by day. Like all VPNs, all the services (Open VPN, 128-bit encryption) are provided on this VPN. This is also one of the best VPNs I use.

5.VyprVPN- Most Trusted VPN "costly" ($5/mo)

This VPN Service Provider Organization is established in 1994. From then on, they had to know how to get a better customer service. So they were going to work. And they did it. Their services are more demanding and comparatively better in the current market. You can try this VyprVPN, hope you may also like it.

yearly plan $5/mth
1 month $9.95/mth
Read more plan VyprVPN

6.PureVPN - Experience The Fastest VPN Service ($2.99/mo)

It’s found 2006 that also one of the best VPN in oldest VPN. This company is a parent. They are always working on how to provide the best service. They’re up to 2000 server in 180+ countries their VPN service. They have used all good protocols and high-quality encryption. They are always trying to best perfomenc in their PureVPN service.

5 year plan $1.32/mth
12 months $2.99/mth
1 month $10.95/mth

7.Ipvanish - Fast servers & US Based, Live chat($6.49/mo)

They provide their services with access to over 1000 servers in 60 countries. They provide all important protocols and AES-256 encryption with bank-grade for the customer in their service. At the same time their Ipvanish VPN can be used on up to 5 devices (win, iSO, Mac, Android).

2 year plan $3.33/mth
12 months $6.49/mth
1 month $10/mth
See more plan IPvanish

8.IbVPN - all in one "vpn, proxy & smart dns" ($4.99/mo)

This VPN provider company is located in Romania, so their security system double. There is a list of devices that use them for VPN apps:

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chromecast, Apple TV, Playstation 3, Boxee Box, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG WebOS Smart TV, PS4,  PS Vita, Xbox 360, and Tomato USB routers etc. This is one of all the best VPNs I use

See more plan IbVPN

9.Strongvpn - Very fast servers & stay safe ($4.37/mo)

StrongVPN is one of all the best VPNs I used. This VPN service is what you get?

# Apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, # 650+ servers in 26 Countries and 46 Cities, # 59,500 VPN Ips, # Up to 5 simultaneous connections, # Best Location Available’ feature, # Security on public Wi-Fi networks, # L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2 protocols, # Zero logging, # 24/7 customer support# 30-day money-back guarantee, # No speed limits

12 months $5.83/mth
1 month $10/mth
See more plan StrogVPN

10.Hide My Ass - P2P + STREAMING OPTIMIZED & support ($4.99/mo)

HideMyAss! Delivering the speed of the server consistently, provides a consistent device with a ton of servers. I have used many VPNs, but I like Hide my ass VPN very much. Hide my ass VPN support Facilities:

  • P2P + streaming optimized
  • 280 locations
  • Military-grade encryption
  • 24/7 support
2 year plan $4.99/mth
12 months $6.99/mth
1 month $11.99/mth
See more plan (HMA)!

Common asked question

What are the benefits of using VPN?

Encrypt your traffic, hide your IP address and this VPN helps you to be Faceless.

You don’t know this VPNs why, how to be faceless you. Does it do that?

Firstly VPN hides your IP address, where you are sitting. That’s no small issus, Where many  VPNs leak your DNS, IP Address.

The VPN also create secure tunnel, they are using OpenVPN tunneling protocol. It protects your browser. Many VPN uses 256-bit AES encryption. Many VPN uses 256-bit AES encryption. The website you use, it will not be known to anyone that you are visiting a website.

But it just protects your personal information.

What is the VPN are fully legal?

Yes, in 97% countries.

It is legal to use VPN in some countries of the world.

We have verified the policies in some countries to ensure the control of VPN usage. We got 196 countries. Which allows the use of VPN.

Only government approved VPN should be used in:

  •    Iran
  •    Oman
  •    China
  •    Turkey
  •    Russia
  •    United Arab Emirates

In a country where VPN is not allowed, VPN can be used as a fine, jail or even both.

VPN is safe for torrenting?

Yes, They’ll protect your P2P activity privacy.

They have one problem, all VPNs service not allowed for torrenting.

We’ve selected best VPN for the torrenting, which is based on these 4 things:

  •    unlimited Allow, unrestricted torrenting
  •    limited torrenting Allow only specific servers
  •    Allow but don’t exhort and don’t
  •    Don’t allow

Torrenting, you can download and share the peer-to-peer (P2P) file quickly without any type of problem. If you use it without the use of VPN, your personal information will be transferred to another. So VPN is used for secure torrenting.

The torrenting problem is that it is known to download illegal content and copyright.

There are some VPN companies that are not safe for torrenting. So stay away from those companies.

What VPN Provider Keeps Log Files?

Some VPN providers collect your log files and store.

We are see some vpn providers Collect three or more important log files.In this for Your activity is easily understood.

They all say they don’t collect and store any logging files but they all do it. If we see their logging privacy policy and terms of service, they  are exactly logging.

The vpn service provider are some log collect, because they track you usage bandwidth for they can monitor their own server performance for better service. That’s no problem.

They say that they are innocent, but they do it. The downloaded files do not think they will track.

There are some free VPN providers. They can sell your personal information to others. So stay away from those free VPNs.

What FREE VPNs About?

we don’t recommend using free VPN.

But why?

Because, Do you know what the “Free” VPN Service Providers say about them?

They say their customers have their products.

The free VPN provider’s common feature is that they will track their customers information and sell the data to a third party with more money.

Even many people offer ads in your service and don’t it’s enough. They say they will increase profits on you and they do many bad things.

You can check it here from CSIRO research and FTC complaint.

Do not forget to see the above information before using it.

We are not vpn service provider. We are searching best vpn for vpn user.