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StrongVPN is such a good VPN service in the world. In this marketplace, it is one of the best one. But every one of us even now does not know about it. So now I am telling its details through this review.

Background & Features:

StrongVPN was first founded in 2005, under LLC company. Since its invention, it tried hard to do better and better. It was first located in the US by the help of Lake Tahoe.

There is a lot of VPN provider in the world. StrongVPN is one of them. There is good teamwork in this VPN service. It tried its level best for 15 years to build up good service. All of them works hard to do well.

Now strongVPN spread out firstly in the present world. With 688 servers across 26 countries even its not a big number but it very helpful I said. You all get good service by it. After reading this review completely you all are able to know its properly.

One can easily use StrongVPN. One can use StrongVPN by Windows, Android, Google Chrome, Mac and IOS devices. You can use all this service in a smart way. When you all face any problem you can easily solve them by the help of their Customers service. So here is a good service plan.

StrongVPN customers use some major protocols. They are OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, AND SSTP. Those all are easy and very simple to use.

StrongVPN also makes an app for the users. It especially makes for them to do well(“Built-in Kill Switch”). You all the app in the play store service. So you all see how pretty the StrongVPN is.

Pros of Using StrongVPN

1. Works with Netflix:

Netflix is now a serious problem in this world. Now it is an international fact. VPNs, Proxies, and Unblockers are like them and they make it. So authority takes steps to solve it.

StrongVPN severe make something new. It now makes a better result. It makes history. Their IT sector wins a reward. All the most renowned VPN companies cannot do it.

Above all l tell you to use it because you already see a lot about StrongVPN. So you all need to try it. So you can easily use VPN by sitting in a different place.

2. First Customer Service

StrongVPN makes good customer service. It’s trying to give the fastest services. As they make a good team. When a customer faces any problem then they tell it to the help centre Then the help centre tries to solve the hot problem immediately. Then they give notification to the customer. Its services for up to 24 hours.

I personally face a problem. Then about contact with the customer service. Then after 30 mini get a notification and l see that my problem is solved. So that’s is the beauty.l was really impressed.

So you all see about it. Now you can imagine.

3. Encryption and policy:

Nowadays cybercrime is increasing day by day. Now one can face it anytime anywhere. Thus it is so dangerous and always make us anxious.

Now a hacker can easily hack us anytime. They create a lot of problems with hacking. By it they able to know our personal belongs. Rather it causes a session problem. Our personal information is not safe. For this reason, we suffer a lot

We did not find them even and we can’t know how they do this. But we use ‘Apache Strut’ to know their secret. Now it’s work worldwide. But we are not completely succeeding. So we all need to be careful.

VPN is such a good and friendly way for this. No one can easily improve their condition over it. By using a VPN we can protect our personal data and give up hacking.

StrongVPN is the best choice for this encryption policy. It can protect us hard. It uses a standard system and protocols. As like AES, CIA, FBI, and NASA is a popular one.

Above all, you can now be safe and make your life comfortable. You are now making a sound sleep. So that’s the power of StrongVPN.

4. Logging Policy:

There is a smart logging Policy in StrongVPN service. They always keep in mind that they want to work for the customer. So for this, they keep a good logging Policy. Here one can easily log in their site.
Others VPN services there is some difficulty but StrongVPN is smarter as them. Others VPN service can’t see the customer side. But StrongVPN sees on both sides.
StrongVPN gives us a lot of priority. They give us Netflix and other policy. So it is much comfortable than other VPN.

Others of Using StrongVPN

1. Slowly on Most Servers:

StrongVPN services us a lot. They give us every opportunity as they can. They always try to give us the fastest speed. But there is a little bit of lack. Sometimes it slowly works and then the customer’s face a little bit.

US Server (New York)
Ping: 57ms
Download: 38.96 Mbps
Upload: 5.00 Mbps

EU Server (Amsterdam)
Ping: 132ms
Download: 9.78 Mbps
Upload: 3.18 Mbps

Asia Server (Hong Kong)
Ping: 245 ms
Download: 20.10 Mbps
Upload: 2.35 Mbps

UK Server (London)
Ping: 122ms
Download: 35.47 Mbps
Upload: 4.63 Mbps

As StrongVPN sometimes shows slow speed but we can see that it’s the price is very low. Its price is lower than others. So it is another advantages. By the way, it is very useful.

2. Outdated User-Interface:

StrongVPN first starts in 2005 and now its settings are very old. Though they have a good market but their optional settings are too odd. So I face some problem. Rather their team need to do better and also need to make StrongVPN as 21st centuries style.

3. Overpriced for the Services Provided

StrongVPN is such good quality and there is a different type of useful things. Here we find some smart tips.
StrongVPN shows good speed. There is some smart way like Netflix, help centre and zero logs policy. Its work as like windows 9.8. Almost StrongVPN take a good cost for them but it is overall not ok. So my suggestion is that they need to do something better.

Monthly: $10 or $120 per year
Yearly: $69.99
On the other hand others, VPN companies take smart cost but StrongVPN takes a high amount. So they need to change it. So that it is ratting the best 5 costly VPN.
It takes only $1 per month. But its service is not as perfect as its price. Here Others VPN gives 3X fast speed.
Rather you can use Paypal, Credit Cards and Bitcoin to pay your bill per month.

4. U.S. Jurisdiction Might Dissuade Some Customers:

Though SteongVPn is the popular VPN but here is some problem. But the problem is not a fact. Although its working good.

By the way, we need to use it as it is helpful and safe. So let’s try it.

5. Play “Server Roulette”:

There is some problem in that case. As when we play Russian Roulette we need to use StrongVPN. So it my personal problem. It means that we need to play this game.

So there is your personal choice. If you like it you can use it personally.

Do I Recommend StrongVPN:

Yes or Not.

Above all, you are now shows all the details in this review. So here you can now make your choice as you use it or not. So the choice is on yours. But my suggestion is you need to try it.

P.S. If you use expressVPN, you don’t forget add your user review. Add your Review how you feel about using ExpressVPN. That’s good or bad.

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