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Join the service of VPN provider, HideMyAss is one of the oldest and greatest VPN with total privacy and protection..and it has OpenVPN protocol and encryption option. It helps to access some popular online sites, such as Netflix.

can we say it is a more popular Vpn service as a proxy or full-blown Vpn?

In this hideMyAss, we can disrupt all the well and bad from connections which is associated with network speeds.

Pros of Using HideMyAss

A TON server is associated with HideMyAss service. server speeds and delivers good device are the delivered coherently of HMA.

1.Pretty Consistent Server Speeds

out of 74, there is 20 number of speed tests place that is united with HMA. In fact, we can see here, the working process of HMA. At present we prefer to access a baseline reading by internet connection.

Thus, without VPN connection benchmark speeds works in 97 Mbps and 53 Mbps in download and upload particularly. At present, Speed Test.net is the most famous third-party tool among diverse VPN server across the globe.

Us Server(New York)

Download:58.98 Mbps(39% Slower)
Upload:50.12 Mbps(6%Slower)

EU Server (Amsterdam)

Download:63.34 Mbps (35% Slower)
Upload:50.12 Mbps (6% Slower)

Asia Server (Hong Kong)

Download:19.25 Mbps (80%Slower)
Upload:13.09 Mbps (75% Slower)

UK Server (London)

Download:64.42 Mbps (34% Slower)
Upload:43:30 Mbps (19%Slower)

These are well attractive in reality. These are not so speedy. In fact, the US, EU, and UK servers were attractive that has a better performance power. Unluckily, in Asia one pickled and stretched out a bit. Moreover, we were happy when we have to get a-75% scope in the US, UK, or EU speeds.

2.Tons of Available Servers in Most Major Countries

HMA’s servers work around almost six continents, which around 190 countries and there are 930 servers in 280 locations. They are far from Greenland, Cover Africa, and the Middle East. But Antarctica which is absent from this. There are various VPN companies that have very engaged in North America and Europe, so it is not insignificant. Server count and IPS breakdown are showing below:

We can say that it is the better server and it is not the termination. Various VPN companies lie about their server and them dues their server in other companies craftily.

In all, it is a better indicator of desired performance. This provides a chance to get a better server.

3.Good Device Compatibility

HideMyAss has made for Windows, Mac, Ios and Android devices. Finally, when I reviewed HMA, each account assumes two different devices which are used at a time, but currently, each current assume 5 synchronous devices at a time of February 2019. Business VPN contains a larger number of the device which is more costly. Particularly, HMA works on flash Routers that helps to do is sign in easily as it is pre-installed in HMA. Including smart TVs and gaming consoles, we can connect with so many devices to sickle a router. You can protect all of these devices with OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP or IPSec, which is not extensive protocol but covers the basics well. OpenVPN is liked by most people. Unless device limitations force them into L2TP or IPSec, you can stay away from PPTP.

4.Easy to Use App

The HMA app is very simple in use. At first sign up an account, grab your install files and authentication code and you access easily. In fact, multiple languages which are available in this app that helps to get tons of potential option.Log in your account and connected by a click.you can connect currently or switch your location in settings. There is no complexity and it is the more user-friendly apps.

5.Leak-Free Connection

The VPN connection is not always secure. The little green icon looks well to access but ISP can only see where are setting.DNS and WebRTC test helps to ran HMA and look for this problem and came out to clean it.

unluckily, The Virus Total.com test lets us down them.

Cons of HideMyAss

There are various features that one looking for are delivered by HMA. There are no shining holes there. The speed is very good. Tons of Servers which is available in the most device. It is under the veil which fears us. We find out it by reading.

1.Potential Suspicious File in their Install flies

From the prying eyes of aggressive governments ISPs or hackers, A VPN save us.

Actually, who saves you from the VPN themselves?

This is an important question that helps you to know them. Virus Total.com helps us to know about every VPN provider that take the installation files. They are not corrupt your machine.

Case in point:

HMA! files game back with such suspicious warning:

It can also be a spurious positive. Moreover, before downloading, one must test his install files.in fact, at least, we must say about regarding it. unluckily, it’s the opening of a few warning signs.

2. Where HMA files let us down are given below:

HMA abyss the following data which confirms by their logging policy.
Connects and disconnects timestamps
Amount of data transmitted.
IP address used to connect to the VPN.
IP address of the VPN server used.

it’s not so well. one must be wanted that his track of IP address keep in VPN because that gives a direct link between online works and location. If he keeps his identity, they can not track his all information. They collect the following:

.To operate and to enhance service for technical purposes, the monitor is used.
.Obstruct and discover cheat against the service.
.Spamming, file sharing, and illicit activity are obstructing and discovered of the network.

sound harmless?
It does on the surface. When taking such a historical occasion into our mind, we can see the warning sports.

Cody Kretsinger used the online name “Recursion” who was a hacker related to the sony pictures hack of 2011. There the central word is “was”. because for a long time he sitting in jail. In kretsingers conviction, the instrumental HMA information was handed over the FBI.HMA want to do best to justify their actions but they have not kept their fame. Kretsinger activities are worrying for many people that is handed in VPN provider, but we don’t remit using VPN for illegal activity. Particularly, when you take their bounds.

3.Inside Five Eyes Security Alliance

HMA is a Primax Limited which is UK based organization.UK government is most invasive in their own spying citizens. But like a Card-Carrying member of the Five Eyes security alliance. They take the help of the US government. That is badness. we understand about the last point that courts come calling. The data connection is handed over HMA. Others HMA users complain about their accounts which is ceased for violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. In fact, HMA sharing their logging activity with UK Courts and then it share with other government agencies. Illegal activity avoiding is a well beginning in HMA. But it is not the point.VPN is not used for illegal activity rather than your private information private. At last, we can say that HMA fails unhappily here.

4.spotty Netflix Streaming and Torrenting Discouraged

For streaming Netflix earlier HideMyAss was very popular. At present, it has been changed. we can see that only Amsterdam is able to get successfully stream content. But New York, US, District of Columbia, Montreal and Glasgow are not enabled to get this.

unblocking content makes bold claims here and the actual test discloses these claims. Actually, HMA is not accurately torrent friendly because users have reported for slow data, although they are not blocked.DMCA account helps our account for suspension violating copyright restrictions but it doesn’t increase one’s confidence.

5.Awful Support Speed

In the social media and email, HideMyAss Support is available. They don’t reply quickly, the requested are referred to the standard channel then it responds. Thus, we test the customer support department when running into an issue just to make sure.so we ask some question to HideMyAss team. It may take about a day to get a replay. since then, no response. It was a very simple question which is related to routers and we have met with radio silence. In fact, I damn sure that I didn’t mistake anything.

Hide my ass pricing and plan

HMA provides three price tiers, among them one feature is the same in each one and the difference is a slight price break for longer prepayments.

  • $11.99 monthly
  • $83.88 every 12 month
  • 119.76 every 24 month

you take the advantage to enter a valid credit card in a 30-day free trial and they provide money back guarantee for 30 days. The best deals that are looking for 60 days to test their drive.

You have purchased HideMyAss that has to be first-time refund issues and less than 10 GB bandwidth is used to fill out the refund request form.

The annual committed for $6.99 month is not the common VPN.in fact, lengthy test drive period should be charged a few extra bucks.

Do we recommend HideMyAss?

No, we don’t.

It works well.

Among other VPN it is the best and its privacy is too overwhelming.

It supports its customer privacy.it is too much to overlook in their past logging activities. Netflix and Torrenting are affecting other activities that changing anytime soon. It is may be right that the end of the day for paying VPN privacy helps to catch the cybercriminal.

Thus, because of HMA’s various delivers things, we’d suggest that you can look here for a better well-rounded VPN.

P.S. If you use expressVPN, you don’t forget add your user review. Add your Review how you feel about using ExpressVPN. That’s good or bad.

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