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ibVPN is a VPN that will help you to use VPN worldwide. It hides your IP around the world as a country you want. So it is a big thing. ibVPN help you to connect the internet safely as we need. Here they use the default OpenVPN protocol. As the protocol is useful for all. They also use AES-256 encryption policy. Thus they will protect us.

In America, 90% of people were tensed about their online information. When they ibVPN they realize that there is no way for worries about it. As ibVPN is their perfect friend.

Other hand hotel WIFI was risky before. After using this VPN it may improve. Now one can protect them in hotel WIFI from hacking.

So let’s start the review…..

ibVPN Advantages

1. Privacy & Logging Policy:

ibVPN has a smart logging policy that shows a hard privacy policy. One person uses a VPN as he or she can hide. ibVPN give them every opportunity as they need. So you can easily log in this VPN and enjoy good quality.

So here is a question is ibVPN is legal or illegal. The question is very simple and its answer is meaningful. VPN is used to hide user IP that one can use it privately. Ibvpn does not collect any data and also not track user information. On the other hand, other VPN company will collect these data. So there you can get extra advantages.

Almost every country wants customers activity for laws. But ibVPN even now does not give any data to them. As you are free from them and enjoy yourself. So that’s is the beauty of this VPN.

2. For THE Romanian:

ibVPN gives every opportunity as need. Amplusnet SRL is maintained by ibVPN and it is a part of it. As it is out of Romania. That is hot news. Because it is not the list of 14 eyes government survey.

It is a great matter that the government wants to keep all users activity in their hand. As they want to keep peace in their country. Ther search all personal information as the customers use. Thus they can protect all crimes. But ibVPN is free for them. Here Romania is out this list for ibVPN. Thus ibVPN also help you. So you can try it.

3. Encryption (256-Bit):

Here ibVPN use a random encryption policy. They use a standard quality with 256-Bit AES. This service is very good. It is much secure and you can get a better result.

the ibVPN connection is very good. It gives us a nonstop data connection and you can enjoy unlimited services. So you need first to buy this and connect with it service. IbVPN is strong VPN service.

IbVPN provides two types of devices. Here one is Android service on your mobile phone. There you can get good service in android. But in an iOS device, you can get the same service. As you need a new computer. Because the old computer has not the latest update.

ibVPN wants that no customers did not dissatisfied from them. So, for this reason, they keep every opportunity for the customers. They offer IPSec- (Internet Protocol Security); SSTP; PP2P-(Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol); PPTP-( Point to Point Tunneling Protocol). So here you can take any option as you need.

Above all, we can see that ibVPN gives us any choice as we need. You can also switch OpenVPN as ibVPN provides us with a simple and easy setup. You should try it.

4. No Leaks or Malware Issues:

VPN help us to enjoy a secure and continuous network connection. So that we can enjoy a good life. But sometimes it disturbs.

You can easily connect with VPN. When you connect with a VPN that you have shown the green mark. Then you can able to enjoy. You find much pleasure.

Normally you all get a good connection. But sometimes it hampers by some things. Like DNS is a fact. When it leaks your protection will hamper for it. So this time we will be careful.

As we visit any site or downloaded any files then our IP will able to know it. It kept all of your histories. ibVPN is such a better one that can give us a brilliant result. Among the other VPN, we see results that are shown below and this is proved that ibVPN is almost good. Next time we also cheek its other side and then we cheek it’s installable files. Then we check the virus option. Almost it’s ok.

5. Netflix:

ibVPN is used worldwide and people use it to mask his IP. here netflix is cracking down in few years.
Good news is that ibVPN server Miami and New York is working

But sorry for Chicago, Canada, or the Netherlands. As they are failed.
ibVPN is still now a good quality and good performance two out of five in all VPN. So it is a better option.

6. Torrenting is 100% Allowed:

ibVPN presents a high rated torrenting. You can download any files with the best speed by using torrenting. This is not only for illegal use. Here torrent takes an extra pressure.

Torrent also carry out own risk from the customers. By taking this they give a customer safe use. It gives you the opportunity as you can keep your privacy by secure all information. But all VPN does not give it. So ibVPN is smarter than others.

ibVPN has so many servers. There are 35 servers that permit you to use torrenting. So you can enjoy your best option. Another good result is that ibVPN give you the opportunity to connect your desktop application automatically. This way you can easily connect with servers.

Torrent is acceptable in many countries like Netherland, Canada, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Russia, Sweden etc. They use torrent and P2P application on their individual website. So customers can find a quick setup for these through ibVPN.

To have these services you all need to take ibVPN packages like Premium Torrent VPN or Ultimate VPN etc as your choice. You can also check out others VPN and then that you need you can buy.

7. Supported Devices:

ibVPN supported all device those are in our hand. They are…..

  • Kindle Fire
  • Boxee Box
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • Sony Smart TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • LG WebOS Smart TV
  • PS4
  • PlayStation 3
  • PS Vita
  • Xbox 360

All these devices you can use. One can use 2 devices at the same time of working. So here you need DD-WRT VPN and Tomato USB routers. OpenVPN and PPTP protocols work on these devices.
ibVPN setup all device rules in that case. They provide not only the Linux app but also gives Ubuntu OpenVPN and PP2P. So get ready.
ibVPN also supports TOR. But it is not a continuous service. Thus it is helpful.
Here the following service is….

Rather you need to update you VPN packages to get full access. For this, you can get a good result.

8. Very Simple To Use App:

We can use all these apps in a simple way. They are too smart to use. So you can feel comfortable.

Here you can set all these things easily. When you need to setup you show all of them and you need just cleek. Then your setup is ok.

Here is…..

  • The fastest server
  • to the US or UK-based server for accessing services in these locations
  • A server that supports torrenting and P2P file sharing
  • Bypass China’s Great Firewall

ibVPN other side look:

1. Not The Fastest Browsing Experience:

We all like to do our work fastly. So when we use any servers we all want to complete it with a short time. Here ibVPN sometimes slow down its speed and that is so boring. So here we see that top ibVPN is on the top 12 fastest VPN. There we expect that it will prosper it position.

EU speed test:

  • Ping: 41ms
  • Download: 44.66 Mbps
  • Upload: 31.0 Mbps

U.S. speed test:

  • Ping: 147ms
  • Download: 15.70 Mbps
  • Upload: 13.44 Mbps

Above all the result is 47 out of 74 which need to encressing.

2. One Connection Only:

ibVPN is really a good one but it has some wrong plan. As it gives only one single devices to connect any time. That is very disappointing. Here others VPN kept at least three device in their basic plan. You can connect five device by upgrading.

There are also some features that is locked up inside in their package. They are P2P and TOR. Otherwise ibVPN has 100 of servers across in different countries. As you can get any one.

Built-in Kill Switch:

It is really such a good option. For this we need to say them thank. It a service that will help to get your backup. As your service is not stable this will help you. So that you can give your IP.

Customer Support Experience:

There is a help centre to give you any tips as you need. If you need any help or you have any problem, from this help center you can take any help. There is also a FAQ for yours. Others you need any personal help you can solve it by email or live chat.

ibVPN Cost, Plans & Payment Details:

Here is a smart option for you  $10.95 for one month and only $41.47 for a year.

They also offer some others package like Premium Standard VPN, Torrent, and combination ibDNS. If you any doubt you can back your money as it gives us 15 days money back service. So you can use it with a smart way.

You can pay your bill by using many items like Credit/ Debit card, eWallets, AliPay, Perfect Money, BitCoin, Yandex, Bank Wire Transfer etc. Here ibVPN kept almost 50 international option for paying bill. As this is you own choice to using.

Do I Recommend ibVPN?

This choice is fully on yours. So here you need to have your own decision. You have already see all about ibVPN in this review. So now option is yes or not. The result is show after your registration.

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