PureVPN Review

In this review, I will try to be honest to show up about “PureVpn”.By reading this one can easily understand the advantage or disadvantage of “PureVpn” site. I will try a short way to make you understood.

Background & Features:

It works since 2006 as it is the oldest VPN.”GZ SYSTEM”- company is the parent of this site. They first start humble 2-server. At present, it has more than 2000+ servers in 140+ different countries. Thus we can see that their customers are increasing day by day.

Though their headquarter is in Hong Kong, it also related to China.”PureVPN” always try to make a strong hand that users information is more secure than the other VPN.

Those servers are related are:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • IOS
  • Mac
  • Linux

When you connect the internet with your router, smart TV and other services that you particularly keep on optimizing your online protection on PureVPN.Then you can realize a virtual router. This service you can utilize Windows devices up to 10 different devices. That is the beauty of it.

Some VPN service like The Best VPN, give us two kinds of simulation connection. So that you can use PureVPN not only a real router, but also a virtual router. So you can get a much better result.

There also an option called “Split-tunneling”, by this, you can decide what kind of traffic you need. Now your own choices that you need. By this, your data can be split as you want. That’s the power of PureVPN.

It is work like the best VPN. It helps us to secure our all personal information. It also gives the advantages of avoiding hacking. Thus we all be safe.

The advantages of PureVPN

1. Supported Items:

Other man attacks are some of the old ways that hackers gain access to your sensitive information. That’s harmful to us. So it is not the smart way. There we need to use pureVPN. that’s a smart way.

You could not even sense anything is wrong but somehow, someone, someway, has placed themselves between you and your intended connection. In this case, you attack by a problem.

If they want they can read your email and see your web site. Then can see your all information. That’s means if they want to know about you, they can do that easily. they make you fool and get personal information and passwords.

At the most time, the very tools used to help intercept these practices, like wifi. If they want they can use to perform them by any anyone, anywhere. At the time they fight to your email password and your server.   

Its risks now extend to the mobile device and even your smart devices, apps and even your smart devices too.

2.Good quality with 256-bit Encryption

Pure VPN is such a good site that gives us many advantages. As it makes us avoiding hacking. It prevents all those things from others that they are unable to show our personal data.

Hackers normally want to break out our passwords by taking some tips like name, date of birth, baby’s name etc. There they find out anyhow our password and then they hacked us. Thus we hacked by them. Here PureVPN shows its wonders.

The best part of PureVPN is prevention. PureVPN has 256-bit data encryption that helps us preventing hacking abroad the world. Thus PureVPN users save. They make the best use of it.

Above all, your privacy is completely safe and you can easily use your chosen site anytime. Authority can not catch your IP and this way you make the best use of PureVPN encryption policy.

3. Beautiful Features (When its Work)

It likes to seem PureVPN features and options are really good. When starts, its offers a kill switch, six simultaneous connection, made for all protocols, advanced port forwarding, split tunneling, and all  Firewall.at the time, they provide such a plethora of ways to optimize and customize your VPN experience cause it would make even the best VPN blush.


It could if all of these features worked all the time.

However, I personally see a killswitch failure and, after reviewing a number of forums and third-comity reviews, and look that almost every customer has experienced some categories of the issue with one or more of the features that PureVPN sight.

But most of the time they work and I suppose this is technically still one of “Pro”

4. Avoid Torrenting

Here PureVPN is such a good one. There are unrestricted torrenting that’s is found. As since its invention since copyright infringement lawsuits have begun flooding the marketplace, a lot of  VPNs are shying away from P2P servers.

So PureVPN doesn’t have any these above restriction. that’s is the beauty of it. You now use it a simple way. Now, is the decision is yours.

PureVPN Cons

Purevpn is one of like that kid in high school who slid by with all A’s but never actually did very much to earn them. It seems great on paper but sucks in the real world.

Of course, their services are very affordable, they have some cool features and a great selection for servers. But the paltry “Pros” I’ve very discussed so far simply will not outweigh the massive list of “Cons

1.Download Speed

US Server (New York)

  • Ping: 125ms
  • Download: 24.41 Mbps
  • Upload: 19.06 Mbps

EU Server (Amsterdam)

  • Ping: 40ms
  • Download: 35.49 Mbps
  • Upload: 22.29 Mbps

Asia Server (Hong Kong)

  • Ping: 355ms
  • Download: 6.77 Mbps
  • Upload: 3.62 Mbps

UK Server (London)

  • Ping: 53ms
  • Download: 46.48 Mbps
  • Upload:26.90 Mbps

actually, the slowest server that I believed was actually the server where the company is headquartered!

But things weren’t too better on the “faster” servers.

Their Amsterdam server (the fastest that I would find) topped out at 58 Mbps out of 100.

Considering that their best competitor, offers servers with more than duel the download speed at the same price, I shall promise you that no one will be buying PureVPN for theirs.

2. IPv4, and IPv6 Leaks

When you are in the market to buy a VPN, you are typically there for one reason and this reason only.

Whether you want to protect yourself when working from others wi-fi or bypass censorship all laws in your country, security is your primary concern when you selecting a new VPN service.

PureVPN gives you good internet service. It’s very simple and you can enjoy a good internet experience.

I see all of them and read a lot about it. So if you have any doubt you can ask any customer services.

if you fully ignore the ambiguous response, PureVPN or at least their “mostly trained representative” mainly lied to one of their customers.

At last, Even though they properly resolved these issues “ some day ago“, I saw several reviews and customer complaints from October 2017 with all screenshots and testimonials proving otherwise.

So, if you are joined about your security, you could probably find others VPN like expressVPN.

3. Their No others Policy Isn’t Completely True

In this point in the review, you are probably good starting to look a theme.

PureVPN gives much love to make big promises.

But of some reason, they couldn’t see fit to actually keep some of those promises.

that is true with their all privacy protection and a 7-day money return guarantee.

oversight, PureVPN markets make their product as a “Zero Logs” VPN.

However, if you read the well print you will fastly realize that that simply isn’t the case.

4. Customer Service

In this fact in the review, you are perhaps nice starting to see a theme.

PureVPN gives more love to make big promises.

But of some cause, they wouldn’t look fit to actually keep some of those promises.

This is true with their all privacy protection and a 7 to 8-day money return guarantee.

Not only did they properly ignore the question that I mainly asked, but most of them also were, yet again, caught in a large lai.
The company focus advertises support agents and over the course of my last correspondence, they claimed I was speaking with a real person.
PureVPN uses an auto chat service and expressly free lies to potential customers.
They have all of the most poorly trained in the country in the entire industry.
other way, things aren’t looking better for them.

5. Advertising Practice

Frankly, every ‘Con’ that I have discussed all over the course of that review returns to one thing.

lai advertising.

it all came down to that, the repeated pattern of lying to their customers is that what really ruined PureVPN for all.

If we see, you bring enough to the table, I can overlook flap speeds, I can oversee mediocre customer service, and I shall even oversee a slightly many bloated price tag.

what I can’t and won’t oversee is a company that makes habit of deceiving its customers.

  • PureVPN simply claims that they keep no logs…
  • They claim to have 24/9 live customer agents…  properly don’t (or if they do, they are the most robotic agent it)
  • They all claim to protect your IP Address… But most of the time countless third-party reviews and customer complaints clearly looked these services rarely al work.
  • If I am going to believe a company with my own personal data, my hard for earned money, and in some instances for my personal security,  I want to sure that all the company in question is over reproach.

6.blank Netflix Servers Worked Properly

All four of the following PureVPN servers most probability were blocked:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands

Mainly, we will get at update one or two servers to work. So main the fact that no one of them did, unfortunately, places all PureVPN towards the bottom.

Pricing, Facts & Hidden Clauses

At the first, and possibly most noticeable ‘pro’ about all using PureVPN is the price tag.
Mainly They’re still on the market and offer many phenomenal prices for customers on their year plan.
Here’s how we all break down.

Month-to-Month Plan

  • $10.95 per month
  • 0% Savings

3 Months Plan

  • $8.00 per month
  • 27% Savings

One Year Plan

  • $3.33 per month
  • 70% Savings

Do I recommend PureVPN?

Yes or not,

Here choose is one yours because I tell about everything of pure VPN in my this review and you already read about it.so now you can think that what can you do about Purevpn.

P.S. If you use expressVPN, you don’t forget add your user review. Add your Review how you feel about using ExpressVPN. That’s good or bad.

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