Private Internet Access Review

Private Internet Access (PIA) is now a newly VPN on the market.
Because of the market price of that VPN is so cheap,there are lots of users,it is taking a good service to the users.
In this review,we can show the PIA server network activity,wonders of VPN app as well as its technology behind their VPN service(openvpn+128-bit encryption).
That’s all,however it ranked

Ranked ;9th out of 74 VPNs
#Speed test:Fastest
#logging policy:No Logging
#Netflix:Yes(1 server worked)
#Cost:$2.91/mo and up on

PIA Pros+

1.Super Fast Downloading Speed

Firstly, the most important things about VPN is their download speed. If you connecting with a slow(read: bad VPN), you will be finished with slow speed.
We have faced several times, especially when I tested speed in Strong VPN and Mulvey (both of them blow 20 Mbps out of 100).

Thus, PIA is so good site actually. So, to make our PIA review correctly, we want to speed test. Connect with net and pull the following location: US, EU, Asia, and the UK.

The p.s.the location which I used to test was in the middle of Europe: Estonia.

US Server(New York)
Download:43.56 Mbps
Upload:26.75 Mbps

EU Server(Amsterdam)
Download:39.98 Mbps
Upload:13.04 Mbps

Asia server(Hong Kong)
Ping:283 ms
Download:38.99 Mbps
Upload:13.05 Mbps

UK server(London)
Ping:49 Ms
Download:47.69 Mbps
Upload:23.01 Mbps

In the above conclusion, PIA is pretty fast VPN. Not only Hotspot Shield or ExpressVPN, but also “OK” as it’s the cheapest rate.
Keep in mind that speed is so important things and is vastly connected with the VPN software that you using. Of course, there are some tips to speed up a VPN connection. Though the perfect strength comes from the main VPN servers.

2.PIA Claims Auto Logging

“Logging is a way to monitor and collects data points from your access along with your personal information for connecting (like email or ISP). And then one can actually sell that data.

Some VPN providers can log certain details, likes when you log or sign off, in order to monitor their usage to improve service.
There is no logging policy that cannot track or monitor traffic logs and communication logs in VPN
There it does track some information, such as:

  • Your email address
  • Payment data
  • one who opt to use the optional control panel will receive a short time cookie.

3.Nothing Leaks Detected

“Logging is a way to monitor and collects data points from your access along with your personal information for connecting (like email or ISP). And then one can actually sell that data.

Private Internet Access is located in the United States, a real member of the Five Eyes Surveillance Alliance.
Not ideal right off the bat.
If they were taking any steps on your data, it would end up in government databases all around the world.

Hopefully though, this system without leaking, which greatly hinders the government’s ability to spy on your browsing activity.
As you can see the beauty below, PIA faced all of the tests safely, both to detect the presence of leaks and to ensure that their installation software was 100% safe

4.Hard encryption and Good Features

The important features, such as:

  • Anonymous IP
  • Habit of torrent
  • Kill-Switch (but people have Complained about this)
  • 5 simultaneous connection
  • Full services:3245
  • Total countries:33(Last verified on 4th February 2019)

PIA also has some different levels of encryption:

The though the default settings use 128-bit encryption on both your data is not best at all. Thus you can step up your data encryption to 256-bit, which is the standard quality and also give you a very strong connection(it will show all things down a bit, though)

Users can also choose the level of encryption on both their data authentication and handshake
e. All of these will help your computer and the server verify the authenticity of the connection and the data being transmitted.the default settings are for SHA1 and RSA-2048, a 2,048-bit encryption key. That’s not easy to break.

You can take all the way up to RSA-4096, though and double size of the data authentication key with SHA256.

Thus, I recommend using the maximum settings so that you can get the best security that’s possible. But if you really need the fastest speed, you need to consider using the default recommendation. And while the Risky Business setting might show as a good idea if you need extra speed for torrenting or steaming, we’d really recommend it.

There is probably not anyone trying to break your VPN encryption….but why risks it?

5.Outstanding in Torrenting

If you’re looking for a VPN that won’t restrict your torrenting, PIA is the best choice. They don’t show or monitor any connections, and that includes peer-to-peer file sharing.

one can use any torrenting client you need to download whatever you want, secure in the knowledge those your account will not be blocked or your connection throttled.

While PIA website does not enough to say that the company supports torrenting,they do say that P2P is supported.So that is something of it.But the VPN has developed a good reputation to be friendly,so people know them by its positive things.

6.One of The Famous and Well Known VPN Providers

In the VPN world, it collect  a lot to have a reputation. And Private Internet Access has one of the greatest reputations in the business world. They’ve been around since 2010, and they’ve provided reliable at present. In late 2017, they won the award for Most Stable VPN, which show a lot.

Was it really or not? Hard to say…

They have also received multiple editor’s choice award, but we can never need to show if they were compensated by PIA or not.

The VPN shows up in a lot of “best of” lists, and there are not any serious questions about their commitment to privacy (though they’re based in the US, which is hardly to show; keep reading and we’ll discuss this wonders)

The business for almost 20 years  a sign of prestige in the VPN world. PIA’s reputation and longevity make it a very best choice.

The top company also help center and organizations that are making the internet service good  that is all

7. Decent Device Compatibility

PIA has most popular platforms.

Such as:Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and Firefox. They also have browser capability for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

They also use routers, technically speaking. But those are require some manual setup through OpenVPN.

No need a huge fan of the extra labor. Thous, it does mean they’re compatible with DD-WRT, Lede, Merlin, PFSense, Tomato, and ASUSWRT routers.

As, you can then connect both smart TVs and game consoles and other device to those routers. So there are very useful.

8. One Out of Five Servers Worked for Netflix

PIA’s support forums shows  that they’ve been working hardly for years to find the main ways around Netflix’s detection.

How have they work?


They tested four times of their servers and saw the same dreaded black screen:

Those four things included:

  • United States: New York
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • whatever, we did get a successful one in Sunny California.

Believe it or not, one out of four is beautiful warm these days.Finally when the majority of VPNs don’t even try to work with streaming services anywhere.

But if you really want a more consistent Netflix performer, take a proper look at this comparison.

PIA Cons –

1. Hide Chat, Tickets Only

Although PIA offers “24/7 North American” support.

They don’t give have a live chat option.Because their support personnel is located in North America. So the whole “24/7” thing means they should always be available (no matter where you’re located).

Whatever, when I contacted them through a half of the night, I got a response at next morning. Not so 24/7 anymore, auh?

The positive side, they also like as a separate Twitter account needed to customer service. I took a proper look at that network to see how they join with customers. The good news is that they will still now try to provide a long time, detailed answers (inspite Twitter’s condensed medium).

Furthermore, they have a FAQ page which might help a customer:

2. Situated in The US

Private Internet Access (PIA) is based in the United States, and that’s the cause problematic for many people. The US has some rules of strictest, most privacy-invading surveillance laws in the developed world, and that applies to VPN users. The government has been taking to pressure VPNs to avoid up user data with secret warrants, and that worries privacy,users.

Of course, the fact that PIA doesn’t keep logs means that they have very little to share with the authorities if they come knocking in that case. But the main part is that they may not have a choice; if they have any data about you at all or not (such as whether you’re a customer or how long you’ve been one), they may be told you to hand it over.

Should that you worry about? Maybe, or maybe not. There are something that the NSA has been able to break the encryption on some VPNs, which may be the government could be snooping on your connection. If you’re using the maximum security recommendations, that’s less likely to you.

There is a combination of surveillance laws and intelligence-sharing agreements in the US, I tend to avoid VPNs based there for own shake. But that doesn’t mean whatever it’s completely necessary for everyone in this world.

PIA Pricing, Plans,Future & Facts

PIA has a lot of single plan with tiered pricing based on the length you’d like to commit and prepay. That keeps things good and simple. And you can also get a great deal if you’re ready to shell out a single year in advance using.

Plan One:

Plan Two:

Plan Three:

They offer a 7-day money back guarantee. So you can take the service a spin over the course of a few days. If you’re not happy at all during those seven days, you can easily get your money back.

Good news that, PIA accepts all kinds of different methods of payment. For example, we’ll pursue  Bitcoin (which could also help you add another layer of privacy to the transaction).

But – and I’m not build this up – they also agree with gift cards for popular retailers like Starbucks, Costco, Best Buy, Target, and more. So you get those random gifts your parents just bought you during the holidays? Now you just found a proper use for it.

Even better way to hide behind your identity?

  • No logging: here is no any activity logs,as payment history and email information.

Ease of the VPN software: Simple and rapidly fast, installable file was upto  60 mb speed.

  • Hidden fees & clauses: None. In fact, their privacy policy is remarkably straightforward.
  • Upsells: No upsells.
  • Instant access after payment: Yes.
  • DNS leaks: Protection is built in (though you should always test it yourself).
  • Jurisdiction: United States
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, IPSec/L2TP, PPTP, Socks5 proxy.

Kill-switch: Mixed reviews.Many of them does not satisfied it, and some have found that it doesn’t work as properly as they like (I recommend testing it by their own choice).

Do I Recommend Private Internet Access?

Yes is the answer.

So, now your own choice.

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