In this VyprVPN review, I’ll try my level best to show out all the advantages and disadvantages of this VPN service.

Switzerland based company “Golden Frog” (the father and mother company of VyprVPN) make his best use as much as possible for online privacy since the invention of the internet.

VyprVPN Review vpnbeats.com

By their website, the company was built in response to the Room 641a incident where the NSA was normally surveilling citizens by tapping the AT&T network cables.

Especially, “Golden Frog” filed a formal complaint with the FCC to try and open the issue to the public, it but was not at all.

So they set up their plan to make matters into their own hands…

Lead by Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis (relatives), “Golden Frog” and their 20+ employees have been on the looking of the war for internet privacy in present years and have make a strong prestige as one of the leading VPN providers on the web.

Such as, I had a good high expectations across into this review.

But one question is still now,

Do a “Golden Frog” VyprVPN hit up to the hype?
Let’s move in and check out

How Does VyprVPN Work?

  • Overall Rank: 36th out of 74 VPNs
  • Logging: Some logging
  • Speed:17th out of 73
  • DNS Leaks: None found
  • Netflix:2 out 5 servers worked
  • Torrenting:Discouraging
  • Compatibility: Most devices (no TOR, though)
  • Usability:Good
  • Servers:700+ servers in 70 countries 
  • Support:Ticket system (slow) 
  • Cost:$5/mo and above

VyprVPN first steps, as when their website launch, is very simple.

make your privacy online, ensure your Internet connection and make up your freedom.

To achieve this goal, they give their followers with access to the OpenVPN protocol (default) as much as PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP and they encrypt all of your information by using the ultra-secure AES-256 encryption key (the same quality used by the FBI, CIA, and NSA).

Though they don’t stop showing your data over there…

Present years, top countries like ‘North Korea’ and ‘China’ have been cracking down on VPN users by using anything well known as a ‘Deep Packet Inspection or DPI which show metadata and collect for tell-tale signs that introduced a man is using a VPN service.

There they’ve caught onto our trail, these governments will start to block or throttle your usage to make that you cannot freely use a VPN for any time (legal or nonlegal).

That is a big problem for some users in their personal life.

In order to these present crackdowns, VyprVPN make a proper technology known as Chameleon™ that scrambles your metadata so that you can easily use your VPN without facing any picked up by the DPI scans.

As you’re using your VPN from a country like China, Russia, or Turkey, this may, strong literally, be a person.

Sadly, due to VPN restrictions by iOS, this technology is only able to use for Android, Windows, and Mac users (sorry for the team iPhone).

Thus, things are looking good for VyprVPN

How About Their Logging Policy?

As such a long and good history of taking for internet security and own privacy rights, you can imagine that VyprVPN would make a strict “Zero Logs” policy.
Hopefully, this isn’t quite the case.

As you can now see from above screenshot,VyprVPN collect the following steps for 30 days after a users last session

  • VyprVPN IP address used by a client
  • Start and stop time of connection
  • The total bytes that are using

Thus your IP is not really hide this way
It’s also valuable to cheek that, even though Switzerland resides outside of the five, nine, and fourteen eyes countries, their data processing laws and internet privacy policies aren’t as favorable as many people claim and they can use it as a potential issue for some client.

Really VyprVPN Fast or Not?

Yes,that is true.
Our research shows that speed test (without a VPN) clocked in with a 59 Mbps downloading speed and a 49 Mbps upload speed:

Thus it working to VyprVPN to an EU server.

As you can see the VyprVPN EU servers a highly connection and download speed.
VyprVPN it was the fourth fastest VPN out of the 70+ that have been reviewed here on vpnbeats.com

Thus,some of their services did not work properly.US Server (New York)

  • Ping: 131ms
  • Download: 31.09 Mbps
  • Upload: 3.17 Mbps

EU Server (Amsterdam):

  • Ping: 42ms
  • Download: 38.48 Mbps
  • Upload: 23.88 Mbps

Asia Server (Hong Kong):

  • Ping: 355ms
  • Download: 41.29 Mbps
  • Upload: 8.22 Mbps

UK Server (London):

  • Ping: 53ms
  • Download: 45.46 Mbps
  • Upload: 18.22 Mbps

By the way time have now changed.
Although VyprVPN performed nicely through the others.the marker price is good at all.
U.S. servers have caused VyprVPN to drop from the 4th fastest VPN up to the 18th (which is a far fall indeed).
The company likes Private Tunnel and ExpressVPN performing super fast network than VyprVPN, Golden Frog will have their workout process to the US servers containing their own marketplace.

Really VyprVPN is Safe Or Not?

Saying truly that it is really safe and sound.There is no any false site.All the information are true so we can easily move out on  VyprVPN.

Here the real result that i found are given blew

After finishing more than four tests, I can safely say that I had no IP not DNS leaks on the time of using VyprVPN.

That is a great victory.

I also told you that there is no found any VirusTotal to ensure that GoldeFrog wasn’t injecting any malware or adware onto my device.

By the way I can now tell you that this is so helpful and you all can try to use it.

I am so happy by using the New York server and was able to load up John Mulaney’s Comeback Kid without so much as a 3-second buffer.So its really a beauty

Is VyprVPN work with Netflix?

It is very difficult to find a VPN provider that was you to stream content from netflix.

I have got many things about it those are given below that was tested in the United States and EU.

  • New York Server: Works really fast! Videos shows fast and I was able to use without any problems.
  • Chicago Server: Just like osome in the New York server, I had not facing any problem connecting to Netflix using VyprVPN Chicago server.
  • United Kingdom: Blocked
  • Canada: Blocked
  • Netherlands: Blocked

Rather I was a little bit sad that I couldn’t stream nor unblock Netflix from any of their EU server locations, this really a “Win” for “Golden Frog” proving it  to find a VPN provider that still works with Netflix as it real or not.c

Torrenting Not Allowed?

Though “Golden Frog” makes all the service properly and give their best but there are some little bit problem.If anyone face them,they can take the following statement on their help center.

And it’s look good.
VyprVPN use to make good to the customers.They even allows a Bit Torrenting clients and they do not use any part of your activity log.
But there is some tips……
I see a deeper and finally I found that many “GoldenFrog” clients who were have own account suspended due to same writing infringement notices and the team who is used to these suspensions with the following tips.
So above all,we read about torrenting.It is not a big fact to use VyprVPN.So we need to flow the next writing rules

Allowed Devices:

The device those are allowed such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.Others VyprVPN also supported  router, Apple TV, and Android TV.

Here we can  use Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer (but no one uses that anyways… Right?).Those system help us to use VyprVPN.

Usefulness of VyprVPN:

The usefulness of VyprVPN is so good.It is very useful to the users in a simple way.I have used many of them but it makes me pleasant.Here some documents about it

From above we can see that it is very easy to access in the settings and get connection,tunneling protocol, or DNS settings.

Above all we can now see that VyprVPN provides their customers with a simple and easy to use application and others services.

Servers & Others Features for VyprVpn:

More than 700+ servers to the 70+ countries use VyprVPN.This shows that they have own the ENTIRE network that one using while connected to their VPN client and they are the only a person who easily can access to your private information.
Hopefully, they offer a beautiful killswitch feature which allows you easy for knowing that,you can also get disconnected from one of their servers,all of your activities will be immediately break down,by preventing you or your information from being compromised.
Is it right or wrong.

VyprVPN Customer Support:

VyprVPN is one or the most popular site for the customers.They are very eager to use it.
There are more than a 14 hour response time (which was far from the advertised 24/7 support) that presents the beauty.By this review we can now show the customers support.The customers feels happy when they use it.So there is a big support from the customers.

If there any question from the newcomers the can shoe the below:

Finally,we can now told that VyprVPN is such a good site.There is a good market place.So one can easily choose this site for browsing.It is very much helpful.

VyprVPN Cost, Plans & Payment System:

VyprVPN has a good market.To continue his market range it offer and planning some idea.there are 2 plan here:

The Basic Plan

  • $60.00/year when you select the yearly plan ($5.00/mo)
  • $9.95/mo for a monthly subscription
  • 3 simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited data usage

The Premium Plan

  • $80.00/year when billed annually ($6.67/mo)
  • $12.95/mo for a monthly subscription
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • VyprVPN Cloud Included
  • Chameleon Included

I am not a fan of it showing these offers rather I am very much proud for its large server park, fast download speeds, and Netflix compatibility.Other some basic details are shown below:

1.Log in to your control panel (URL)
2.Click “Accounts” and then “Cancel Service”
3.Answer why you want to cancel

That’s all…..

Thus you can use this for your need.You need to be careful and maintain some basic rules and regulation.Others …You can only pay with a debit or credit card, PayPal, or AliPay.Sorry fans, if you not pay, VyprVPN is not the service for you.

Do I Recommend VyprVPN?

Absolutely,Yes is the answer.
VyprVPN is the most VPN provider that helps the customers access to the top of the security, fastest speed, Netflix compatibility, and good customer service. There we can hide our location. Almost it is best for us. Rather you have any doubt you can checking out our VPN reviews of NordVPN & ExpressVPN easily.

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