Cyberghost VPN Review

CyberGhost is a Romanian VPN service provider.

They have served for 7 years, some times before they became so popular. And became popular within a few times. They all service provide honesty for her all customer. They better their service use all good features, such as AES 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN.

This is the best vpn service in to 10 vpn on

1. Available All Essential Features
2. No-Logging Policy
3. No Leaks Detected
4. safe for Torrenting & Works Netflix
5. Device Connection Limit Seven
6. Live Chat Customer Service

1. Questionable Parent Company
2. Not the Fastest VPN

Cyberghost pros

#1. Available All Essential Features

  • Ip Hide: yes
  • Kill-switch: Yes
  • Max devices: 7
  • Total servers: 2,960
  • Total countries: 59

Cyberghost VPN software will be hide your ip,  if use wi-fi, this vpn protect your privacy. Your Internet Activity is safe with cyberghost VPN.

This VPN service provider have 2,900 server in 59 countries. Server location united states, UK, European union, and Asia. lot of server in Asia location.

This is the service that is working in many device:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Mac
  • ios

If you don’t know what you doing. Cyberghost VPN custom  your connection for linux device and your router. This VPN connect to your router.

Cyberghost supports the all best protocol, OpenVPN, L2TP, and IPSec and they use one of the best encryption AES-256 encryption. Keep your all device safe and secure.

# 2. No-Logging Policy

Lot of VPN service provider say no logging policy in her service, but they logs data. But cyberghost VPN  not this work.

This VPN always work how much better than to for her customers. They secure all privacy for her customer. If you use this, safe your data and all privacy.  

But cyberghost no collect any data and no logs.

#3. No Leaks Detected

Another name for love is cyberghost VPN. if you want all features in one. So you don’t miss the cyberghost VPN. Because, cyberghost VPN all of them.

This the one of best VPN for leaks detection. Also love it for their no leaks detected feature. They are no collect logs. Their service allow torrenting and works for Netflix.

When i used this VPN, i also loved it. That reason for listed 3rd in top 10 best VPN list my website.

This is the best VPN out of best 74 VPN in the world. This service is best and leaks free.

When we used cyberghost VPN we are see our all data protect and safe. Our ip completely protected.

#4. safe for Torrenting & Works Netflix


All VPN say her service allow for torrenting but many VPN service provider not them. They say but no working. Torrenting not allowed, any don’t download. But this VPN service not it. They say her service their allow torrenting and safe. Some time you see when you download any file in torrenting site this not download, if download they bring some Unnecessary file. That is harmful for your computer. So you use VPN Before confirm for using torrenting site.

You are convinced that this cyberghost VPN is 100% secure for safe torrenting.

Actually i used this VPN and after i say this is good VPN for you.

Their ability is so much that they deserve credit. Because, their service is very good and their torrenting are safe & make easy.

Netflix Unblocking Feature

This VPN’s biggest quality is NetFlix Unblocking feature. That reason for i liked it. And just not me. A lot of customer liked it for her this feature.

I used it and it’s worked. I’m more happy for their support. Give her a quick reply on her live chat.

When I used it I found some countries where it works well.

cyberghost unblocking Netflix:

  • United states
  • canada

Cyberghost blocking Netflix:

  • United kingdom
  • Netherland

#5. Device Connection Limit Seven

Cyberghost VPN service you can use this time seven device. If you want buy VPN service for family. So i recommended you buy cyberghost VPN for your hole family. Because, this VPN provide used maximum seven device.

Just Thinking you need used a VPN services for your family all device. If you buy another VPN service, not get permission for used all device. But you can buy cyberghost VPN get the permission used for seven device.

That is the most popular positive changed make the better service. That’s why we are happy to review this VPN. There are many changes in it.

That’s why you welcome to this service. This is the best VPN service 2019 in top 10 VPN services.

#6. Live Chat Customer Service

This service i like for more one reason. That is the reason their live chat customer service. When i used this service, i face some problem then i need support. This time i see they give live chat option for customer.

Some VPN service provider give customer support but they send reply very slooow and reply not manually. There you asked any problem, they reply “thanks for use customer support”.

But here no this problem. The answer to what you say will be as human. I’m very happy to get their services.

They reply fast with live chat. If you have any problems using this service, then use their live chat customer service.

Many of them are required, it will get down on the right side corner of your screen.

Cyberghost VPN cons

#1. Questionable Parent Company

When you want to buy any products in the market the Buy what you see on the benefits of that product.

Cyberghost was a kape technology company (Previously the name of Crossrider Place was known) It is renowned for making and distributing malware of an Israel based advertising technology company.

The long story short, the parent organization of cyberghost VPN service can not be trusted – and they know it.

#2. Not the Fastest VPN

When you want to buy a service, you buy it at all points. Do not want to buy any slowdown service. But this service is all rounder. This VPN download speed Some of it’s low speed from all other VPNs is speed.

Without VPN download speed:

This speed my internet speed without any VPN.

With VPN download speed:

US Server

  • Ping: 154ms
  • Download: 12.41 Mbps
  • Upload: 5.12 Mbps

EU Server

  • Ping: 34ms
  • Download: 21.10 Mbps
  • Upload: 13.10 Mbps

Asia Server

  • Ping: 176 ms
  • Download: 3.00 Mbps
  • Upload: 2.07 Mbps

UK Server

  • Ping: 56ms
  • Download: 4.63 Mbps
  • Upload: 8.65 Mbps

In short, Download speed of cyberghost is not good.

CyberGhost Pricing & plan Facts

If you buy cyberghost 1 month plan for $12.99. That is good plan for you, if you want using just one or two month.

There 18 month plan cost just $63.00. Monthly cost $3.50, that is the good plan save your money monthly $9.44. Now get this plan for your saving month.

Do i recommended it?

Yes, do i recommended cyberghost.

This service i used and test her all part. This service all part are good. Here we presentation cyberghost VPN good side and bad side based on our experience. If you get this VPN You’ll benefit. They provide you all service but they get low price for her best service. So i recommended you get this VPN and enjoy with better service.

Cyberghost is the better and new experience for you.

Here we published our personnel using review.

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