Anonymous VPN Review

For a company logo, Anonymous VPN has a soothing townsman.
Exactly, he goes by “Townsman” and it’s their mascot the site says that.
Anonymous VPN company name is “ Anonymous VPN LTD” which is a Seychelles-based organization.
So, without taking themselves seriously, you can presume this company taking your privacy seriously.

But is that good?

Today, in this VPN Review, you can dig up that.

you will be surely anonymous or not to find out that we’ll dig deep. The first time you can connect to the pirate boy if your identity is splashed all over the internet.

Anonymous VPN Pros

Anonymous VPN name helps it surely to live up.

The characteristic of this VPN both a jurisdiction-friendly location and a no-laughing-matter logging policy.
When we tested it what we experienced are given here.

1. Doesn’t Collect Any Logs

Anonymous VPN doesn’t disappoint you at the time when you look for higher logging policy.

They asked no questions and the site that you’ve visited will not track by them.

But some basic data they have collected to run their business and this fact don’t conceal by their Privacy-Policy.

Most of the VPNs require some information like an email address for your account that we’ve reviewed.
But when they run all transaction they use SafeCharge, a third-party payment processor.
This is the same as Mullvad because they’re not keeping anything for themselves.
Bandwidth and Timestamps are also collected by them to monitor their service performance.

In fact, all these should be no reason for anxiety.

2. Located in The Privacy-Friendly Seychelles

Seychelles based company is Anonymous VPN LTD.

In addition to the crystal-clear water and perfect beaches, you can hope legal privacy.
The expanded Eyes-Intelligence-Allegiances that is situated outside of Seychelles.

Any requests by a foreign intelligence agency about your online work will be met with “Me no speak English” and have a good day, so you can be sure about that.

3. Supports 3 VPN protocols with AES-256 Encryption Standard

OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP are supported by Anonymous VPN.
The most secure option VPN protocol is OpenVPN that they advice to run through with it.

PPTP and L2TP also have slight benefit but it depends on your device set up and objectives.

These protocols also lock down Anonymous VPN with a state of the art, 256-bit encryption. The high-security professional and government agencies across the globe also use the same encryption standard.

Here is no concern about it.

4. Torrenting Works (But Discouraged)

Where this one put I wasn’t accurately confirmed.

But the fact that Torrenting technically performs with Anonymous VPN.
We went to many servers on Anonymous VPN and want to download the Wikipedia files to illuminate a portable version of u torrent.

When we’ve tested it the torrents performs perfectly and obviously all in the name of testing.
However, just to double-check I got in contact with the support.
The message that I’ve got is given here:

It is not surely a full endorsement.
Now, we’re lumping it into the pros because it performs flawlessly when we test it.

5. Pretty Easy to Use for the Most Part

Anonymous VPN is very easy to use.

At the time of installing Anonymous VPN for the first time, you will need to restart a system before you can start using the desktop app.

You should click three gear icons in the bottom left-hand corner for the first moment you open Anonymous VPN.
Then this will open in the settings. You can tick “Start Application at Login” and “Auto-Connect on Application Start-up” that I’d suggest to you.

If you want you can use OpenVPN unless you have technical limitations. You also make sure the Kill-Switch is on.

If you want to choose different servers you can drop the “Region” menu down.

You can only do it when you’re disconnected. In fact, before switching the servers you must be shut down the connection.

For this reason, kill-switch was so significant.
And when you want to connect again click on “Connect”.

It is excellent.

One of the frustrating thing that it takes 24+hours for verification.
Added that the desktop app “Zooms” to the taskbar at the time of connecting on a windows device. It is also disturbing.

6. Kill Switch Included

When a VPN connection falls you can use Kill-Switch to support your data.

Immediately, they will protect your connection. In this way, your browsing session and your real IP address aren’t manifested across the globe.

But when you start up the first moment it’s switched off by default.
So you’ve to go into settings to switch on it. remember that.

7. Fast Customer Support

Anonymous Customer Support service is very good.

Nobody likes those. But who are we kidding?

There is no live chat option here but if you’d prefer to talk them real they offer email and social media.

Quickly they answered my question and provides a lot of information to support their response.
There are two minor critiques.

They give me other stuff’s email without I’m asking for. What we were talking about to remember that I’d go back to check my first email. sent me those email that was known to me. But I think that a legal business wouldn’t have a branded email address for their support team.

8. We Found No DNS Leaks…

As a VPN provider, DNS leaks is your incubus.

Without ascertaining what’s happening on, they will happen.
Even though, when you’re connected in London server the VPN client will say that you’re in Rome.

But toward with your ISP you can access every single website that tells you which London coffee shop you’re sitting in.

You can think about that for a few seconds.

Anonymous VPN arrogance about themselves that they’re well. Their jurisdiction and their logging policy according to their credit are steps in the right direction.

Any IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks have not found in Anonymous VPN.

. found)
. (none found)
. (none found)
. (none found)
. (none found)
. (none found) is also used to the VPN installation files. Luckily, that came back clean.

Anonymous VPN Cons

The end of the privacy agreement which is supported by anonymous VPN.

Unluckily, some of the other services can’t support the same standard.

Most of the biggest trouble is given here:

1. Limited Compatibility

Anonymous VPN performs with Mac, Windows, Android devices and routers.

Here it is clear that there are various devices they DON’T perform with.

They don’t perform with SmartTVs and Linux.
But their support team tried to make us understand that no other VPN that works with SmartTVs which is BS because most VPNs do that we’ve reviewed already.

For example, SaferVPN is opposite to this VPN because they support SmartTVs.

The workaround that is offered Anonymous help you to go through your router.

There is no iOS option here.
If you want to create a workaround OpenVPN is only one option to install it on your device. So they work only one.

You can use as many as devices as you want at the same time with the same Anonymous VPN account.

2. Average Download And Upload Speeds

Out of 78, we’ve reviewed 34th anonymous VPN’s speed.

When we test it we found that came in around 86.41 Mbps download and 33.67 Mbps upload.

Later, we can connect with different servers to get an answer all over again.

First, we test it in Rome.

EU Server ( Rome)

  • Ping: 58
  • Download: 40.60 Mbps (53.1% slower)
  • Upload: 22.71 Mbps ( 32.6% slower)

The experience is like an incubus honestly said.

Websites began timing out and my connection crashed as soon as connected to the server but when I started my work again this miserable speed found there.

Now we test it in US server.

US Server( Atlanta)

  • Ping: 118
  • Download: 22.84 Mbps (73.6% slower)
  • Upload: 17.01 Mbps ( 49.5% slower)

Here we can see that the speed is not so good though No timeouts or crashes.

3. Does Not Work With Netflix

Anonymous VPN server doesn’t work with Netflix. It is totally blocked here.

I tried the UK ones, the US ones, and even some European ones for better measure.

The result was all blocked.

But their Customer Support tells as if it is only a US server problem so I tried to test another but the result was nothing.

I kept on trying it again, again, and again.
But still nothing.
All Servers are blocked by Netflix:

  • Canada
  • United States: New York
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom: London

4. Does Not Work With Tor Browser

The website of Anonymous VPN is excellent and clean.

That meant here, they don’t give a lot to go off.

If you want to detect an answer you’ve to dig again and again.
To get an answer about Tor Compatibility we test on three different performance but each time we met with radio silence.

In fact, you shouldn’t count on it.

Who actually like the anonymity that’s a poker for him where Tor could come in handy.
When your connection is leaking you’d better have an extra layer of privacy that can save your location.

On the top of the redirects the Tor browser that makes you sure no one can tell where you’re starting from.
Plus, in this case, it is like a bonus.

Anonymous VPN Cost, Plans And Payment

The most interesting thing that they will cost you some money for their free trial. Is it really free?

Obviously not.

Both monthly and annual plans are provided by Anonymous VPN.
In a monthly plan, you have to pay $12 a month. This is one of the most costly plans that I have ever seen.

But in their annual plan, you can save more because it provides $75 discount, bringing the out-of-pocket cost down only $69 a year.

While some other companies give you a three-day free trial, it provides $2 for a three-day free trial
Anonymous VPN only accepts credit card payment. They don’t accept Paypal, Bitcoin, debit cards or cash.

They also accept Discover card and Diners. From 1955, if you want to hop in the Delorean and retrieve yours.

However, all subscriptions come with a 14-day money-back guarantee. But there are no refunds for the short like a three-day free trial.

You can email to take benefit within the primary two week period.
Keep in mind that they are only given first-time purchases.
They also offer such a limitation.

If your bandwidth usage overcome 500 MB or you had over a hundred connections they will not give you free refunds.
If you hold it for a potential refund you can’t break their Terms of Use.

They suggest you allow 15 days for the payment to the contrary when you request for a refund.

Do I Recommend Anonymous VPN?

They are not so problematic.

Their Seychelles location is excellent and they collected No Logs.
Anonymous VPN performs with Torrents and it has also a kill-switch. OpenVPN and standard 256-bit encryption which is used by them.

Some of the drawbacks totally undercut those pluses.
It supports a minor number of platforms snail-like server, and here is no Tor compatibility that is not so good.

In fact, its monthly plan is so costly for users that make this VPN difficult to stomach.

Thus, if you are looking for a much better option, you can study our best VPN reviews.

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