ProtonVPN Review

The world’s largest encrypted email network CERN Scientist and Harvard Physics PHD brains behind ProtonMail, the ProtonVPN comes from that.

In one space, they’ve created a free-to-paid encrypted internet privacy service. can they do that in the VPN space?

For this reason, we’re here to find out. We’ve tested their OpenVPN, Speed, Security, Encryption connection standards, pricing, and more, over a few months ago.

Here you can see the good, bad, and ugly in this ProtonVPN review.

ProtonVPN Pros+

On the back of security experts, ProtonVPN was founded. The protocol and encryption standards will be a top notch that is known to you.some important key areas like customer service and a rock-solid connection they don’t despond you.

Now we can see that.

1. Exceptional Security and Privacy Standards.

OpenVPN protocol which is allowed ProtonVPN with the standards-secure AES-256 encryption.

This is one of the state-of-the-art encryption standards which is bank-grade.

Put it in this way:
At the time of suffering a hack, it won’t be because they broke through this, it never been done.

Some hackers tried to break down it through guessing your password. For this way, they will cut their losses.

2. Strict No-Logging Policy

Over a few years ago, we’ve explained 118 VPN logging policy.

In fact, sometimes this is often disturbing work.

But it’s significant too.

We taught those terms and privacy policy where VPNs bury their privacy bodies.

Among those VPNs that we’ve tested are found that 7% of VPNs allow logging policy where more than 30% of VPNs have questions about logging your connections data.

Technical jargon or legal terms which allows for “Gray” areas and it come back to haunt you. Though these ones often use obscure.

ProtonVPN worked perfectly earlier so it has become famous for their work.

When we’ve tested it we found that there was “No Logging” policy. So you can believe it that we confirmed.

3. Decent Customer Support

ProtonVPN is a ticket-based support system. Actually, that makes us fawn.

We’ve tested it through some email. They answered in a week back-and-forth process and they’ve answered all the simplest questions and we’ve all experienced here.

When I first see ProtonVPN support options, the primary thought startled through my head.

Unwillingly, the form that I filled with some simple questions and hit “send”.
Around 24 hours they answered my question.

I was surprised to see that their site was a knowledge base article it wasn’t just a straight link.
It didn’t require as exciting.

Only it is required as fast and direct and it was like that.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience.

4. Leak-Free Connection

Your real IP address can be manifested by Web-RTC and DNS leaks. It can open a tiny, a very small hole for your data to seep through and connection conflicts are the main reason to happen that.

Though the sounds were minor it doesn’t matter.

In fact, governments, your ISP, and two-bit hackers to spot you from a mile that is allowed it. But totally it decreases your VPN use.

All the things happening without determining you.

However, when we’ve tested it we found that ProtonVPN connection was totally leaking free in our every test.

There is also no Web-RTC leak here:

But it is not enough at all. which ensure us they are totally free of malevolent software at the time of install files.

5. One Netflix Server Worked( out of five)

According to ProtonVPN site, there’s only “certain server” where Netflix perform.

Which one work on to find out that we want to test.
We tried to test it and out of five, we’ve won only one. (that’s Vagas)
In Netherlands Netflix server we were capable of streaming content.

Unluckily, what shows the Netherlands licensed I’ve no clue. Both Canada and Uk, the two U.S servers failed.

They want to succeed and so they get listed under Pros. but your option restricted here, remember that.

ProtonVPN Cons-

ProtonVPN gets famous for its excellent security detail. But there are some disadvantages that we uncovered.

Now we will discuss it deeply.

1. They are Located in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the “Neutral” countries according to their history. They don’t like to get engaged with their domestic problem but they want to save the privacy of its citizens.

In fact, it is right.

Generally speaking, Swiss laws save their privacy policy.
Switzerland is a assistant member of the extended Eyes-Security alliance.

The extended Eyes-Security alliance helps government agencies in the name of “Worldwide Safety” to informer each other’s citizens and this is their worldwide agreement.

It is not said in a conspiracy-theorist way. But for a few decades, it has been already happening.

So in a Swiss-based location, you can think that your privacy is mostly protected.

ProtonVPN doesn’t keep a lot of users data on file so it is good news for the customer. but their government force them to assistant keep in the back of their mind.

2. Server Speeds are Too Slow for the Price

The most important thing is speed.

Pricing, Security Protocols, Features are all at the same. So if you want you can go with the fastest option.
Streaming, Torrenting downloads, and browsing all the things are made possible by speed.
Unluckily, out of 78 VPN companies, ProtonVPN gets only 48th speed score.

How we come up with that data are given here:

1. Non- VPN internet connection, to get reading of our benchmark we use
When we test it we’ve got 97 Mbps and 53 Mbps in Download and Upload particularly.
2. Then, different types of ProtonVPN servers helps us to get a fair and unbiased view with connecting them.
3. Thus, successfully we come up with a speed score that helps to get ranked against other reviews and count on the difference.

Now we test how it works with different servers.

U.S Servers (East and West)

In the U.S servers ProtonVPN’s speed not so good. Very slow speed is found here. Especially download speed that makes torrenting work very slow.

  • Ping: 190 ms
  • Download: 24.6 Mbps (75% slower)
  • Upload: 36.4 Mbps (31% slower)

EU Servers (Switzerland)

On the other hand, the EU servers didn’t disappoint us. In fact, this also had something to do with our nearness to these servers. The connection between you and the connected server closely relative to a short distance that can influence performance.

But where credits due.

  • Ping: 66 ms
  • Download: 54.46 Mbps (44% slower)
  • Upload: 37.86 Mbps (29% slower)

Asia Servers (Hong Kong)

The U.S servers speed were bad that we thought before testing the Asian ones(Hong Kong). Here we found 85% slow speed.

  • Ping: 317 ms
  • Download: 16 Mbps (84% slower)
  • Upload: 6.4 Mbps (88% slower)

UK Servers

Finally, we’ve tested a UK server that feels somewhere in the middle. But in the middle, it wasn’t so “Good”.

  • ping: 46 ms
  • Download: 52 Mbps (46% slower)
  • Upload: 47 Mbps (11% slower)

The results of this kind of slow speed were disappointing across the globe.

Keep in mind that PIA, ExpressVPN, and Trust.Zone all offer better speed.

3. Limited Device Compatibility

Actually, all the best VPNs provide pre-built apps for every device.
Click on the point that you want to do. There are no manual labor or technical experience needed here.
Windows, Mac, Android device and Linux are all the pre-built apps that are provided by ProtonVPN.

All of the above that they provide is enough.

February 2019, there were no native apps for iOS clients when I last test ProtonVPN.
But at present, they have a native iOS app.
Unfortunately, ProtonVPN doesn’t work with Smart TVs and gaming consoles.

The last time when I review ProtonVPN there was no support system but now they ensure support system on DD-WRT, AsusWRT, and Tomato routers.

Around 32 countries protonVPN got 345 servers that could be trouble for torrenting VPNs users.

Finally, the most important thing that we’ve seen there were ten simultaneous connection plans which are ensured by ProtonVPN.

4. Limited Torrenting Available

There is limited Torrenting option here. They don’t accept free plans or unlimited torrenting.

Because of torrenting, “P2P” loaded more that give arc on us and not allow us to subsidise the free accounts from the paid ones.

But it is very simple to use.
Some servers accept paid ones. through neutral “Safe Countries” by P2P is the main reason.

Swiss law ensures that file sharing doesn’t use as a commercial, it is personal and non-commercial.
Though they accept it, some limitations make your work ineffective.

5. Limited Protocols (OpenVPN Only)

Only OpenVPN protocol is work with ProtonVPN.
It is one of the state-of-the-art industry that only works with OpenVPN.
It can be shown under the Cons section.

Many people don’t like to use only one protocol option.
The older device Chromebooks doesn’t support OpenVPN and some less costly new device too.
If you want you can use L2TP or PPTP protocol also.

But this is not a safe one because most of the time you can’t use them.
This is a simple matter at all.
You can do what you want to do because they don’t always give you that chance.
ProtonVPN can not work with a large section of potential users for this reason.

ProtonVPN Pricing, Cost And Payment Methods

You can choose one option among their four plans with discounts for paying annually.
All of the annual plan include 20% discount.

Free: $0/month

There are only three server locations where ProtonVPN work as a free. Such as USA, Japan, and the Netherlands.
In fact, it doesn’t accept other features.

They provide seven day free trial that is a good way to dive your toe in ProtonVPN’s waters and you can do it without spending single cent.

Basic: $4/month (we bought this)

ProtonVPN provides a upgrade basic plan that helps you to entry all countries but keep in mind that it is not the safe one or Tor servers. So when you test it the speed may be high but not “highest”.
But the fact that, there are only two simultaneous option to connect with it.

So if you want you can skip that option because it is like a poker.

Plus: $8/month

On the other hand, ProtonVPN Plus work with five simultaneous device that increase your connection speed high to highest and Secure Tor and Tor servers.

It is one of the secure speed plan that you’ve tested.
Finally, the last plan which is quite similar as the Plus but with a cross-sell for their ProtonMail offering.

You can use those encrypted modest options if you want to pay at $24/month.
ProtonVPN only accept PayPal or Credit Card payment system. So they don’t accept other payment system like cash, bitcoin and so on.

However, 30-day money-back guarantee which is provided by ProtonVPN with the advantage of “Unused Portion”. It meant that out of 30 days if you use only 10 days, you’ll get refund for those 20 days.

But CyberGhost provides better refund policy compare to ProtonVPN because they claims that there were full “money-back guarantee”.

The payment system that you use or the original currency can helps to refunds your money-back.

If you want to get your prorated share you can send an email to

Do I Recommended ProtonVPN?

Actually, we don’t suggest you to use this VPN.

ProtonVPN ensure the highest security and their connection was excellent. Only one server work with Netflix and their customer service was well.

But there are also some drawbacks like other VPNs.

As we mentioned above that Switzerland base privacy is really good for privacy but they are associate with other aggressive government agencies across the globe.

Their option are limited and the server speeds were not so good.
They are giving 20% annual discounts that is really great.

Thus, here we can see that it has so many better options with the same connection.
If you are looking best browse premium you can see here.

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