IVPN Review

In 2009, IVPN started their work in Gibraltar. “Privatus Limited” is the company name of IVPN.

IVPN ensures appraising privacy that makes it famous. So now I am looking for whether is it a secure VPN provider or not.
There are various VPN providers demand that they “don’t log” your data. Sometimes for their own personal reasons they log it.

But sometimes they try to sell your data to third-party advertisers.
Obviously, it is not so good.
In IVPN review, I’ll try to discover the answer to these questions and more.

In fact, I’ll also discuss the pros and cons of this VPN service that will help you to know either they’re worth the investment.

Firstly, who is IVPN as a company, anyway?

Quick Background Check on IVPN

Totally, IVPN website looks like legal.

Their color theme is a clean white shade with red accents, that easily attract my eye.
The homepage of their site displays a decoration of what present that an octopus coming out of a laptop.

If you’re browsing without a VPN anyone can swipe your data that is meant by their cartoon.
The IVPN homepage looks like that:
The diagram is excellent. In fact, it appears that IVPN values its overall brand.

What is said by the company about themselves are given below:

When you sign up for their service they claim that they don’t take your personal information. I prefer it for this reason.

But when I sign up their service doesn’t give me the total advantage according to their statement.
Is torrenting allowed? Do they keep logs on users?

Prior to getting that, I’ll talk about IVPN’s renown all over the world wide web.
Honestly said that there were no negative statements about IVPN on online that I am looking for.

In 2014, BGR admired the company their originative map as a evident for global internet censorship.

In a global cyber-oppression, this article praises IVPN for fetching care.
There are four different classes to characterize the level of censorship that affects an issue and a particular nation to use that map:
“Freedom on the Net”, “Human rights violation”, “Limits to content”, “Obstacles to access”.

What’s IVPN’s map looks like are given below:

It’s really preferable for me because their privacy and internet freedom to fighting are really great according to their commitment. I think as a VPN provider they’re more than.

If you want to stay anonymous you can use IVPN because tons of people consult IVPN for users.
A wilderSecurity.com named “Lockdown” said:

NordVPN will be fine if you want reliable encryption. Mullvad or IVPN will be fine if you want reliable anonymity. In fact, IVPN is also fine for full-featured. You can use that one that you like the most.
IVPN company is situated in Gibraltar, for this reason, they can be so private with user information.

In 2004, the data act protection keeps the personal information of Gibraltar people safe and favor user information.

According to the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, it accepts peoples data collected request about them.
When the information relates to a person such as a person’s DOB, name, hobbies, location, comments about their works then the law applies an organization process.

The country really standard saving the data of its citizens and this makes a great location for VPN company.
Now we talk about the features of the service than we discuss speeds and pricing for IVPN.

IVPN Features and Compatibility

IVPN plume about no leaks, no logs, fast multihop servers, and more and their homepage looks like that:

For tons of different devices, the company also has apps.

There are various operating systems and devices that are supported by the VPN.

  • PC
  • Mac
  • iPad
  • Linux/GNU
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Routers
  • NAS

As many as five devices IVPN performs together where some competitors only give you two or three at the most. So that’s an excellent feature of their service.

I’ll talk to you about their pricing plan so that you can know them well.
The following types of routers help to connect with IVPN:

  • DD-WRT
  • Tomato

To make your work easy for each type of router, IVPN offers to set up guides.

Around 25 countries IVPN provides 38 servers. Among all other VPN providers, that’s the lowest one that I’ve ever seen.
But I hoped more because almost eight or nine years they’ve been around.

There are various servers on their site that are offered by IVPN.

The company demands that their service is more secure than a traditional one because they provides an mobilized firewall that rule as a “kill-switch”.

When you’re browsing on online, kill switch plays an important role to keep your information secure and personal.

When your internet becomes disconnected, kill switch act as a killer for your browsing session to keep your information personal.

Some providers don’t offer kill switch where IVPN offer kill switch. For this reason, I prefer it the most.

DNS and IPv6 leak protection also offered by IVPN.
In fact, they also offer IPSec/IKEv2 and OpenVPN support.

They offer state of the art AES-256 encryption and so they’re the greatest and latest security protocols. And you have the option that if you want to use it otherwise not. I think that’s good.

But they don’t offer PPTP or L2TP methods that making this VPN actually awkward with that old devices.
Right now, we will discuss how much IVPN is going to set you back.

IVPN Cost And Plans (Not the Cheapest)

7-days money-back guarantee which is offered by IVPN.

After purchasing a plan if you fix that you don’t use it or it is not for you, you can try their money-back service.

The same as Vy.prVPN, a free three day trial is also offered by IVPN. so, if you want you can try their service without totally committing to the company.

You can test it through two ways without losing your money.
Monthly, quarterly, and annual package which is offered by IVPN.

The company was offering a 40% annual discount when i test their plans and pricing
Now, we’ll talk about their package plan.

The monthly package is $15 per month.

In the monthly package, you have to pay $180 per year. But you have to pay monthly. If you want to save more you can test more otherwise this will test you.

The quarterly package is $13.33 per month.

In this package, you have to pay $160 per year but you have to pay one payment of $40 every quarter.

The annual package is $8.33 per month.

Here you have to pay $100 per year but you have to pay one payment of $100 every 12 months. So, it is the best priced plan.

You can pay through debit cards, credit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, and cash payments. Among this I prefer the Cash payment system.

Keep in mind that IVPN doesn’t receive any kind of prepaid card or American Express.

I will suggest you that first, you’d try their free trial service. If you think that it is exactly a good service for you then you’ll purchase their annual plan.

IVPN provides well-priced plan to consider all of the features you’ll access to.
The fact that without losing your money you can test it because they offer three-day free trial AND 7-days money-back guarantee.

Right now, we discuss plans, features, and pricing of IVPN so that you can know about all.I am also discussing the pros and Cons of their service.

Pros of Using IVPN

I was glad to see some of their excellent features because they demand of their appraising privacy that was exactly true.

I think the company is doing well.

Good Encryption and Security

They don’t offer so many servers but you can sure that the servers which they offer are really personal and secure.

Is it Well Encrypted?

AES-256 encryption with 4096-bit RSA keys is used in IVPN according to their website.

In fact, “every hour it ensures exact forward secrecy at the time of generating new encryption keys”.

No one can fracture it and no one has been able to use a brute-force attack to ruin it. So we can say that it is one of the top line security that is literary military-grade.

In IVPN you can surely believe your data.

Is Torrenting Allowed?

IVPN assume with Torrenting. If you find to download or stream enormous data files it is a good news for you.

Logging Policy

IVPN demands that there are no logs of your data.

How can you be sure that is said by most of them.
I have tested their privacy policy to find out that if it is true or not.

The result is good. Even they don’t collect cookies that ensure you they don’t sell your information to any third-parties.

Whatever we don’t store any connection logs. Moreover, we don’t log bandwidth usage, session data or request to our DNS servers.

Your name, password, and payment information only store by them.
But I think it is really good.
In fact, there are no clause and hidden tricks with IVPN transparent privacy policy. So I was glad to see it.

2. IVPN is Easy to Use and Install

In a few minutes, you can download IVPN.

The platform will look like once you’ve selected the device type and you can download the service and start the installation.

You can start to use this service access to your username and password.
At the top of the software, you must select a server.

If you want to connect click on it to select.

When you’ve connected with their server, they will notify you and start detecting the duration of your connection.

Though you can turn on and off the IVPN Firewall but when you disconnect to IVPN servers it will automatically turn off.

You can select your preferences in a settings area.

Out of 10 I’ll give it 8 for usability.

The user interface is the best among them that I’ve ever seen in the VPN game. The comfort of use that I loved much.

3. Fast, Friendly Customer Support

Live chat customer support which is offered by IVPN. click on the bottom right-hand online support section to enter it.

Then, the window pops up and type out your message. The name of your customer service together with your email, you’ll receive. Here is the one that I’ve sent are given below:

Luckily, just in three 3 minutes, John answered my question. He was very hospitable and respond to each question quickly.

So, their live chat customer support is really great.

Plus, you can search through frequently asked question by their “knowledge based” system.

Cons of Using IVPN

IVPN is secure and personal.
Their encryption is military-grade and they’ve “No Logging”.

But there is no VPN provider which is perfect.
So, some of the largest disadvantages of using their service are given below:

Does Not Work With Netflix

IVPN doesn’t work with Netflix. I have tried to enter into five different IVPN servers with Netflix but they’re all blocked.

  • United States: California
  • United States: New York
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Hongkong

I saw foreign titles, “So far so good!” as soon as I signed in.

Like all other VPN I’ve been trying lately, I was using a VPN Netflix knew that.

Among other VPN providers, Netflix is one of the best VPN at blocking VPN providers. When it doesn’t perform it will give you a standard message.

But IVPN server doesn’t work with Netflix that I’ve tested. Unluckily, most VPN lately use this as a trend. In fact, Netflix is worked by some VPN still.

2. Slow Upload Speed

In a VPN provider, security and privacy are one of the most important things.
If you want you’ve tested it to take performance into account.

When you’ve taken a performance if it works slow what good is a rock-solid?
Whether their speed is exactly up to par or not, I’ve tested it.

I’ve tested IVPN’s on Netherlands, US, and Hong Kong servers to see how they compare to competitors.
The result that I’ve got are given below:

US Server

  • Ping: 178 ms
  • Download: 32.20 Mbps
  • Upload: 18.66 Mbps

Netherlands Server

  • Ping: 38 ms
  • Download: 63.89 Mbps
  • Upload: 17.66 Mbps

Hong Kong Server

  • Ping: 341 ms
  • Download: 17.66 Mbps
  • Upload: 0.94 Mbps

The speeds are very much modest. the last one is slowest among them that I’ve tested.

In total, the performance was too hit or miss to suggest.

Conclusion- Recommended Or Not?

Unluckily, using IVPN is not suggested by me in spite of isn’t problematic. But it is not so great compared to other VPN. the recap is given below:

What’s good about IVPN?
  • IVPN provides a firewall which works as a kill switch and has strong encryption and leak protection.
  • They keep the essential things for the service operational, like account password and also keep exactly no logs.
  • without paying money you can use five different devices together and the same across all plans.
  • IVPN server allowed Torrenting. Plus, 7-days money-back guarantee that is offered by IVPN with a three days free trial option.
  • thus, IVPN’s customer service is excellent.
What’s bad about IVPN?
  • Performance was slow
  • Too few servers
  • The huge idler is that IVPN doesn’t work with Netflix

Finally, out of 100 IVPN gets 70. That is not bad but it’s not the best one that I’ve ever seen. Look at the “best VPNs” if you are finding a better working VPN.

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