Fastest VPN Review

A narrative brand name is “FastestVPN” if nothing else.

The dilemma lies here.

At the time when you think yourself as a “FastestVPN”, a large requirement and support yourself into a corner is made by you.

But if competitor receiving your speed you danger losing all authenticity.
In this Fastest VPN review that’s accurately what we set out looking for it.

“Fastest VPN” are really ‘fastest’?
Whether is it just for advertising or they think everybody doesn’t check it too closely?

Fastest VPN Pros+

Every VPN service arrogance for its speed.FastestVPN provide good privacy for job delivering.
Here’s why?

1. Located in the Cayman Islands

People love the Cayman Islands for some causes.

The most important cause is the weather, the little cocktails with umbrellas, and
the beaches in them.
But there is another perplexity in privacy and secrecy because their bank will not give them any information about their customers. For example,

The same perplexity goes for their VPN companies.
Keep in mind that the Cayman is not a member of Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or Fourteen Eyes security agreement that is a big plus.

In fact, they don’t give any information about their payment processing company so that we couldn’t get any information.
But there is one way to save your personal data because they accept bitcoin payment.

2. Does Not Log Your Activity

Fastest VPN ensure an excellent logging policy on the top of a privacy-friendly jurisdiction.

What you do on online they never track out it that ensure their Privacy-policy.

But they DO collect some data for internal use, like your email and marketing-related data. (Hotjar, Live Chat, and Goole analytics).

3. Support Five Protocols with AES-Bit Encryption

There are five different protocols that are supported by FastestVPN such as PPTP, L2TP, IKEV2, UDP and TCP.

We know that this is good news.
But there is twofold bad news.

  1. PPTP is not secure at all which they default.
  2. OpenVPN is supported by them but you have some manual install work to do.

The industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption is used by FastestVPN. It is used by security professionals that is one of the bank-grade stuff around the world.

It is legal and so we put these simultaneously with the pros.

4. Pretty Fast(But Not The “Fastest”)

Now everybody is waiting for it.

Is FastestVPN exactly “Fastest”?
Obviously not.

Though it is not so fastest it is not totally fact, out of 78 VPNs, they gain 18 positions that we have checked, right behind Vy.prVPN.
Around 95.27 Mbps download and 34.88 Mbps upload are came in non-VPN connection.

Let’s install the VPN to see it’s speed distinction.

US Server (Florida):

  • Ping:132
  • Download:47.51 Mbps(8.1% slower)
  • Upload:13.17 Mbps (62.2% slower)

Here we can see that download speed is very good but 8% slower than my regular speed without VPN.
But the upload speed that we wished is not so good.

Now we check a Euro Server.

EU Server (Sweden):

. Ping:36
. Download:92.95 Mbps (2.4% slower)
. Upload:27.80 Mbps (20.3% slower)

The same thing is happening here. The download speed is good but the upload speed is down a little.
Thus we can say that though no problem is found here, it is not the “Fastest”.

5. Torrenting Is Allowed

There is no bandwidth cap in FastestVPN.

Many people downloading bigot so it is good news for them. In fact, they also consent their service to be used with torrenting apps.

So if want to download voluminous files at fast speeds you can do that.

6. Compatible with Multiple Devices

There are five different Linux distros such as MacOS, Windows, iOS, Chromebooks, and Android that is worked with FastestVPN.

One of the simple cases is that you have to click on the one you need and downloading the install file because they work on eleven different routers and Kodi.
Their local apps are stored in the Google Play app and iOS.You can download the APK installation file directly from FastestVPN if you feel living dangerously.

The Xbox, Apple TV, the PlayStation 3 and 4 which is backing by FastestVPN.

If you want you can use five different devices at the same time with the same FastestVPN account.

7. Very Easy To Use

In a few seconds most the VPN users can download the VPN client.

Both of the Windows version and MacOS version it is easy to use.

No poker is here but there is a very little mistake.

In fact, you will get your standard sign-in box when you start up the app.

It helps you to connect with a near server when you log in it.
If you want to separate from this server you click in the middle with the lightning bolt. This helps you to separate.

Click the horizontal three lines in the top left-hand corner and choose “Locations” that help you to change a new server.

Here you can browse freely.

8. Leaks Fixed

There are a lot of leaks at the time when I last reviewed FastestVPN.
The first place of using VPN save your personal data. But so is anonymity.
Here we can see that safety is an important part of it.
You never want to blurt your locations. For example,
This anonymity is undermined by connection ‘leaks’ browbeat.

At that time you seem you are tenacious. At the same time your VPN is showing you a sign:
“Here I am, come and get me”.
FastestVPN hung up a big ol sign.

Whether it is fortunate or not we can test the results three times.

. leaks found)
. found)
. leaks found)
. (one leak found)
. leaks found)
. leaks found)

Can’t trust me?
One is given here:
Another is given here:
Moreover, the last time in March 2019 when I tested this VPN, I found there were no big leaks. help you to access VPN installation flies.

In fact, the installation file came back clean.

9. Kill Switch

When your VPN connection falls down you can use ‘Kill switch’ to conceal your real IP address.
It will occur at the time of technical malfunction and also when changing servers.

When you are looking for a new VPN server, a kill switch blocks your internet connection. You can reconnect when it does.

There was no Kill Switch when we last tested FastestVPN.

FastestVPN Cons-

FastestVPN is one of the fantastic VPN on paper.
Only $0.83/month for a five-year deal seems very well.

So… it?
Now we are looking for.

1. Does Not Work With Netflix

If you forget to unblock Netflix you don’t give up hope.

FastestVPN doesn’t allow Netflix at all.
But we can check it.

In Florida, we wet to work on a server. But there were four others that were blocked:

.United States: New York
.The United States
.The Netherlands

When tested it, Netflix wants to know about our country’s version that leaks our location and it is another pain.

So keep in mind that when you use FastestVPN don’t depend on flowing geo-restricted content.

2. Doesn’t seem to Work with Tor

Using Tor with VPN is extra layer security for your anonymity.
There is no accordance when we tested Tor.

We will try our level best to access their backing to verify but it was nothing.
So, don’t wager it again.

3.`24/7’ Customer Support is Non-Existent

Email and live chat help you to touch with Customer Support.

Before emailing them you can check out by their support section.
In fact, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week they are obtainable that they demand.
But when we tested if they’re not.
There are three different issues that we refined.

1. Does Fastest backing Tor browser?
2. Which payment service you use for credit cards transactions?
3. Why don’t you have a kill switch?

Unfortunately, we don’t get any answer when we ask by email.
Then we try to get a response by live chat.

Nothing. The same thing.
I don’t close my online chat two hours for their answer but there was no answer.

It was an interesting thing that they claim 24/7 customer support but they don’t respond to any question for several hours.

4. To Few & Inconsistent Servers

Most of the VPNs claim that their server is good.
But when we test it we see that many VPNs lie about their servers.
The same thing has happened around FastestVPN’s servers.

Around 28 locations they demand 100 servers.
But there are only 29 servers that you can see in your desktop.
Each country display only one server that they’re in. The U.S doesn’t sum up all though they have seven.

In fact, it is not adequate to value your time.
The same crowded servers with everybody, you danger being forced to share.

FastestVPN Cost, Plans And Payment Methods

FastestVPN accepts monthly, annually, or every two years payment system.

Monthly is $10.
But it falls down $2.49 a month if you buy it for $29.95 upfront.

They are giving their service $1.11 a month if you wage $39.95 for a three-year plan.
They were giving another offer that is a five-year plan for $0.83 a month.

If they make it stable or not they don’t give any hint.

It offers you a seven-day money-back guarantee. So if you don’t want to use it you will refund it in 7 days.

There is no ‘pro’ or ‘basic’ plan level.
There is only one plan level

How long you want to pay for up-front is the only difference.

Do I Recommend FastestVPN?

FastestVPNs speed and their logging policy are very good. Their Cayman Islands location is also inspiring.

Their layout of device options is fantastic.

Unluckily Cons outweigh the Pros at the termination of the day.
Netflix helps to get back my home country’s Netflix and they don’t make me outwit.

Netflix is one of the solid servers to crack out proxy servers but there is a lot of VPN server that is better than Netflix.
Fastest is not a disturbing VPN.

It is also not bad and customer service is non-existent.
In fact, still I have waited for their response but they don’t give any answer through my email.

But nobody is disturbing to reply to my email or live chat message.
You should better use a fantastic VPN provider, like NordVPN if it is their idea of ‘24/7 support.

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