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BlackVPN is a newly VPN providers in this market. Under BlackVPN Ltd company it is located in Hong Kong. It has 31 servers in 18 different countries.
BlackVPN wants that they can always get better service to the users. They also want to create be cracked to be. But they are making false sometimes.
So now I am showing you its details in this review. So let us start.

BlackVPN General Info:

BlackVPN Pros

BlackVPN has some good sight that makes it a better VPN. Here is a good encryption policy. So there is good customers support.

1. Don't Collect Any Logs:

BlackVPN believe np logging policy. They cannot keep any log history from you. As they do not take any data from your browsing history or online services. In that case, they don’t keep protect your IP. For this, your DNS logs or record file is kept free.

Otherwise, they keep your email address and payment details form you. But they can’t show your history as you show or sign up. So you feel free.

So you can see that it is a very good option for the customers.

2. Supported Protocols & Encryption policy:

BlackVPN supported many major protocols like OpenVPN, SSTP or L2TP/IPSec. In these protocols there you can find a good connection. Here OpenVPN is a default option. There you can easily set up your account.

There is also good encryption with 256- bit. It is used worldwide with the permission of the government.

So it is good news for all and you can use it easily. But there are two slight issues.

One is that you can no connect with the country like the Western United States. This is bad for all.
The second issue is that you need to close the app as you change your location. So it is boring for you.
Good news is that the second issues are solved by always-on kill switch. By this, the customers can cover the problem to keep this app default. But the first issue is still now.

Otherwise, it is almost ok.

3. How To Setup & Use:

BlackVPN creates a simple option so that you can easily get set up and get started.

For this first, go to the top of the main page. Then select VPN setup. Next, go to your platform and there you can show an installation file. Then click and finished downloading. You can get the app.

Then after installing go to the app and finished your setup. This way you can easily set up your account. It is a good part and you all need to do it first.

You can use it in your own choice because they can not keep your logging data. You can use your suitable site.

You can use two kinds of plan one is that Global plan and second is the TV plan. But here you can access all kinds of servers by the Global Plan. But the TV Plan cannot do this. It only gives you some particular servers.

After then when you start using servers you can show your connection. Here you can see that some servers want your username and password. So here is…..

Here is all. You need to disconnect your server when you need to connect another server. So let’s do it.

4. Works with Tor:

BlackVPN fully supports tor Browser. So here is a good option.

Tor is an option that will give you extra privacy in your browsing. It will help you to hide your IP.

Here is some way to give you protection. Your information is not secure only by the downside. For this your information is open and what site you visit that is shown. So you need to careful.

So if you need to hide your IP very urgent, you will need to help from tor. So o=tor is a good choice for all.

5. Customer Support:

There is good customer support in BlackVPN. You all can enjoy this hard. So if you need any help, you will take help from them by email, tweet or live chatting. So it is a good option.

You all compare any VPN by showing its cost that is not a good decision. I tested more than 70 VPN and I see that it is not a better way to compare any VPN to show its cost. So we need to change our mind.

The real thing is that we need to read its details. Next, we need to set up our mind. They just show many offers but really they are false.

Fortunately, BlackVPN gives us a good live chat. They reply to any question within 20 seconds. So it is exceptional.

BlackVPN Cons:

Here is also some problem with this BlackVPN. They are like….

1. Based in Hong Kong:

BlackVPN is based in Hong Kong and it is out of the “Eyes” security agreement. So they can not share any data with others. So that is the power of this VPN.

Another thing is that BlackVPN is under “China”. So this the only VPN that is allowed and sponsored by China. So this is a unique thing.

So there are extra advantages to this VPN.

2. Leaks not found, but Viruses Detected:

There is good news that BlackVPN has no leaks but also a piece of bad news is that without any leaks we found the virus.

We test it but we did not found DNS leak. That says that your location is sometimes in Amsterdam or the Australian. You need not worry about this.

Otherwise, BlackVPN is passed in six DNS leak tests with flying colors. So it is a great job. (none found) (none found) (none found) (none found!) (none found)

Here to test it properly we need to used Australian, Netherlands & UK servers and we see….

After these 5 test, we find a positive result and there are no leaks found. Then you need to run and cheek virus in installation files.

Next, we need another test and the result is below ……
Now here is all. So this is your time to draw your own decision.

3. Supported Devices:

There is support for some major devices. They are Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android, and Linux. Those are showing that is below…

BlackVPN also supports routers and tor browser in their servers. There what you use is your own choice. So all are is kept for you.

Here is not an opportunity to use Smart TV or gaming consoles that is bad for you. Nothing can do as it is officially off.

Here you can use this VPN in your suitable devices. BlackVPN works with OpenVPN so you can easily get all set up from this. You need to set up by the help of OpenVPN and then connect by installing them. Here you can use 7 devices in one time through this VPN.

4. Server Speeds:

Now is the time to test its download speed. I personally test it and my result is that is is almost slow.

Here I found 97 Mbps download and 53 Mbps upload speed. As you can try this and show own result.

You can try another VPN and then compare by yourself what is best.

US Server

  • Ping: 113
  • Download: 15.23 Mbps
  • Upload: 22.50 Mbps

EU Server

  • Ping: 42
  • Download: 66.04 Mbps
  • Upload: 43.01 Mbps

Here the result is not bad but this is not a better one.

Here I personally cheek my own location and my result is my location was seen in close to Amsterdam but not in the US. So it is a fact.

You already knew that BlackVPN has 31 servers abroad 18 countries. So it the little network is limited.

By the way, BlackVPN has some servers and they are slow. But almost it looks good.

5. Works with Netflix:

BlackVPN works with Netflix. There is some bad or good news. So let’s see them.

First, see good news, BlackVPN Netflix work through the United States West Coast servers. So it is good news and I proved that. This is better than any other VPN provider.

Now the bad news is that it does not work in the US East Coast, Canada, Netherland, and the United Kingdom. So it is bad for us. Also, a bad effect is that it is too costly. They give an expensive plan.

So you need to draw your decision by thinking all.

6. Limited Torrenting:

You can use torrenting as BlackVPN allows torrenting. But these torrent work some limited servers. They have also some limited plan.
They are also the cheapest and they are expensive too. But they give privacy and Global service. But bad news is that we can not use it in the UK and the US server.
This is as like that…..
Here you are unable to use torrent in UK & US.
Now I think you understand all of them. So there is some restriction and you need to avoid them.

7. Features Plan (Limited):

They are like……
Privacy: There are 16 VPN locations, but you can not find the UK and US and here is not found TV streaming.

TV: Here are 4 VPN locations include 3 in the US and 1 in the UK. The users can use this package in “stream TV above the USA and UK” servers.
Global: In this option, there are 20 VPN locations including 3 in the US and 1 in the UK. the users can stream TV from the USA and UK.

So all of the VPN providers give these but the difference is their signup length and pricing policy. That’s all.

BlackVPN Cost, Plans & Payment Methods:

BlackVPN has some smart plan. They show a good payment service. You can use it for EUR 49 (~58 USD) and also up to EUR 99 (~117 USD). they show this.

You also can buy their pack for yearly as you want.
They keep some option where you can pay your bill. You can try Paypal, Bitcoin, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, E-wallets, PaymentWall to pay your bill.

A piece of good news is that BlackVPN gives us 14 days money back guarantee and there is no limit of using bandwidth limit. Others you can use 3 days trial and if you don’t like it you can back your money. So there is a smart plan.

Do You Recommend BlackVPN:

Yes or Not.

Here the advantages of BlackVPN is there is a good customers service, good pricing plan, strong encryption, and no logging policy.

Others there is some problem like that slow speed, restriction torrenting, Netflix problem and problem on some certain plans.

Now the choice is on yours. Here I told you all of them. Rather there is some good quality of VPN in this market like NordVPN,  ExpressVPN and so on.

So now the decision depends on yours.

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