Mullvad VPN review

Mullvad provides peaceful internet connection using private and general VPN service.OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN protocols which are used by them.

They don’t want to signup email because they can generally buy this software. Because they only worry for their accurate Sweden jurisdiction and no live chat option.

The company backward Mullvad name Famicom AB, that was emerged in 2009 in Goteborg, Sweden by Daniel Berntsson

and Fredric Stromberg.

Their VPN service better than rest because there are 13,000 users to sign up in 2017.

Mullvad Pro+

1.No-Logging Privacy Policy

As you want to use their networks, every single VPN provider demand to not log any of your data.

logging VPN providers that bargain your data to authorities which we have invented and this is true. It’s fun.

You can understand it.there are many well-learned men who spend their time by

reading legal jibber jabbers we can draw a picture for it.

We can check out Mullvad Logging Policy:

Did you notice something?

Numbered Account

This is an imaging feature that I’ll explain and you don’t miss it like Sounds awfully Swiss-Bank-Secrecy.In this way, you get a numbered account and if you want you to don’t signup email and password.

This is one of the strongest No- Logging policy that we have ever seen.

Sometimes it offers new anonymity because of their lack of login information!just pretty!

In fact, Mullvad website does not track your information and we can see this through Privacy Badger.

2.Strong Tunneling Protocols-OpenVPN & WireGuard

We know that it is one of the best interesting VPN than any other VPN.

Step 1-Check

It seemed to be that baneful data violation occurs more often than before.

Standard practices are pursued by Mullvad and it fulfills standard industry AES-256 Encryption through UDP.

OpenVPN source helps Mullvad to ensure easy access to WireGuard.

There is some more info on those subjects that I want to show here because of nothing out of the ordinary here.

It’s rare.

DNS & Malware Proof(with one caveat)

A domain Name server is used to connect a domain like “” to it’s the actual IP address.
DNS virtuality has an exact map in the time of this connection of your browsing history.

Sometimes this information is invaded, we can call it a DNS leak.

You can also protect your DNS leak through their online DNS testing tool.
There are 67 different Anti-Virus programs that help us to setup Mullvad file.

Chinese Conglomerate Baidu reports a virus that we can say false-positive.
A Chinese Company that is a bit ironic with strong ties demands a VPN to have malware.
In fact, Mullvad can be believed because 60+ well antivirus programs accede us.

4.Faster Than Average Speed

Generally Speaking, it’s going to take longer to go from A to B, if you are taking the long road.
There is no distinction here.

You can choose to exploit a VPN when you want and you are going off the beaten path.
Slow-downs are unavoidable!

Sometimes It works better. How fast a server is, depends not only how much it is used, it depends on a billion things.

Their server can be excessive used when cheap VPNs pinch out.

Download speed is one of the most important part and parcel. Every day we work many of them to find out the fastest ones!

Usually., there are 100 Mbps up & down connection as a benchmark that we used is Europe based.
We can weigh our speeds when we are connected with both the EU and the US.

In fact, we can see that there is more than 20% speed reduction. There are Mullvad’s results that are given below

.Ping: 62 ms
.Download: 83 Mbps
.Upload: 34 Mbps

Mullvad USA Speed Tes
.Ping: 109 ms
.Download: 59 Mbps
.Upload: 20 Mbps

Out of 78 different fastest VPNs, Mullvad takes 10th place.

It is really fascinating for domestic servers.

5. Torrenting And P2P is Allowed

People use VPNs because of torrenting. So you’d think that all providers allow them.


You can get the appeal in the ground if you are not based in countries.

Any of the 14 eyes jurisdiction, you won’t find too many torrent VPNs operating system.

Usually, you won’t find in Sweden because of The Pirate Bay Founders, the blocks who charged for this.

Mullvad  VPN is a smart VPN and it support DO support torrenting.

Although they do not stare directly their straightforward Bittorrent guide demand that they are A-OK with you doing your thing.

6.Unblocks Netflix, But Only One Server

Before a few years ago, it was an amazing tool when cyber attacks are not common and VPNs reserved to us nerds.

But now, among all VPNs connection, Netflix is one of the best VPN connection and block access to their service.

Keep in mind that although VPN hides your traffic, the fact that you don’t use it permanently.

There are various Mullvad servers that ensure full access to the US Netflix library.

  • New York- Works
  • Illions-Blocked
  • Arizona-Blocked
  • Texas-Blocked
  • Washington-Blocked
  • USA Random-Works

Mullvad limited US server locations directly connect with Netflix though servers are imminent.

7.Solid Server Network

It’s the more and the better when it comes to servers.
Keep in mind that their minimalistic website helps you work hard to find and understand.

Mullvad displays their info as much as hard where other VPNs display it statistic head front.
Among 31 countries Mullvad offers 348 servers and allows 5 simultaneous connections.

In fact, Mullvad doesn’t give full access to the server directly.

Mullvad Cons-

1.Super Strict Swedish Jurisdiction(14 eyes)

After WW2, the UKUSA Agreement changed. How intelligence communities worked forever it shows us. the intelligence-sharing agreement between two countries over 70 years ago, now helps an alliance of 14 western countries to share their intelligence with each other.

Scary? You betcha.

You must think again and again if you think NSA spies on US citizens.

Unluckily, among those 14 nations, Sweden is one of them that is based in Mullvad. After all, Sweden is deliberated at the forefront of information sharing and very active.

Would this usually be a dealbreaker? Of course.

Is it with Mullvad? No!

Keep in mind that, you don’t deny any information to register. You must provide your information if you make sure to pay for their service(Bitcoin), there is nothing that the 14 eyes use to identify you.

So, if you like a more advantageous payment process and you are not cryptocurrency, I offer you to look elsewhere.

2.No Live Chat Support

You still have health insurance, but you don’t plan on breaking your arm.

Do you accede?

It is not a question, but it must be known when you claim support from your VPN provider. It can be Mullvad or not.

With Mullvad, you’ll accept support quickly because you’re going to be limited.

Unluckily, Swedes do not ensure ticketing system and live chat. So, they provide very poor access to help articles. In fact, it may or may not be your answer to dig and scroll to find one.

Thus, you can only attain them through their email:

How they answer your questions that I worked is the CS test that is given below:

Here you can see that I reached on the “I don’t know anything” angle that made me sure to be obscure.
In two hours, they got back to me.

Unfortunately, their answer despairs me because it was obscure.
But I try them again through facebook.

I asked them a very simple question which is about an abusable loophole in their system. I have edit the details as a professional courtesy to eliminate people abusing their good nature.

After a houri got an answer that surprised me. They directly give me an answer, they don’t turning a story but it was already known to me.

It is really fact, I believe that it helps them to their official support channels.
One more band-aid to rip

At the time of Swedes work hours, they only ensure support.

3.Not Very User-Friendly App For Less Savvy People

This is a very simple system to install this app quickly. It may take only 12MB and it performed nicely.

But interestingly, they began to fun with me.

Mullvad try to connect to a server and severed my connection without me doing anything.
Thus it lost me some of my work as I was refreshing it.

Finally, it has failed to connect after several attempts.In fact, their website did not offer much help but due to my experience with VPNs, I’ll manage to fix it.

Newbies lost here and they try to support to fix it simply.
In fact, their help articles don’t help directly and so, I terminate to find help by google.
But everything ran smoothly after reinstalling their TAP drivers.


This app has to be shown everything in two different windows that makes us confusing.

Thinking about it, just wastage of time. Their “Advanced” button is the weirdest part which helps you to edit the raw configuration file.


Actually, I have no idea what I have to do with this. Because I think it is an advanced option when I read but it is not like that.

Complicate, Inessential, Buggy.
Really dropping the ball here.

4. Not All Devices Are Supported

The mulled support device may be one way or another

. Windows
. Mac
. Linux
. iOS
. Android
There is 5 big operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android and so, we prefer this VPN provider.

You can setup OpenVPN to go through 15 lengthy step process. Windows, Mac, and Linux are developed by Mullvad.
Not cool.
Router assistance, smart TVs and other less often used internet device pertaining no information here.
Mullvad Pricing, Cost and Payment Methods
They don’t have a devoted pricing page, so their pricing is very simple.
It’s so simple because within a couple of seconds you can make an account.

About $5.69 costs which are needed for 30 days of access.

Nothing, no monthly plans, no grated features that are needed for “Premium” accounts.
It’s 5 euros a month and that’s it.
Mullvad receives only Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash among 9 different payment methods.
But their numbered accounts provides 100% secrecy that is given below

Yes, please!

Though it is confusing it’s a secure refund policy when you choose crypto payment route.
You must be read it carefully to ensure your address that you used for payment.
In fact, you don’t pay via cash because Swedes are not so big on that…..

Do I recommended Mullvad VPN?

Obviously not.

Close, but no cheroot.I think if you are laymen, you must be used a simple app like NordVPN.
But it is a difficult moment when we see review and like against a solid VPN provider.

In the time of growing industry, a VPN like Mullvad is exactly disrupted that shows us a few years ago.
But, At present?

You must be aware of what you want. Don’t settle for mediocre support, wrong jurisdictions, confusing clients and anything less than accurately what you want.

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