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Trust. Zone is a newly VPN providers that first start in 2014. It is a virtual private network that will help you to hide your IP. It is created by a renowned company that is sponsored Trust.Zone VPN and the name of the company is Trusted Solutions, LLC.

Trust. Zone VPN is located in Seychelles, near the Indian Ocean and it has 115 islands. Now I am trying to be honest to show you all about this VPN in this review. So let’s start.

General Information:

Trust.Zone Pros:

There are some pros in this VPN and they are good. So let’s find out them.

Trust.Zone VPN gives us a lot of opportunities. They first help us to hide our IP. It has AES-256 encryption OpenVPN protocols. So you can hide your activity with hard security.

They have not logged policy so they didn’t take any data from you. They also give you to use torrent and the opportunity to watch Netflix. Rather they give us extra security.

1. Located in Seychelles:

Trust.Zone is not an old VPN and it is first located in Mahe, near the Seychelles islands. There they face many situations. As like…..

  • They are 5 Eyes Alliance – include in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom countries.
  • Here is also 9 Eyes Alliance – they are 5 Eyes Plus Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Norway countries.
  • Rather they are also 14 Eyes Alliance – here is  9 Eyes Plus Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden countries.

Here these countries use privacy over them. So you can use a VPN in a secret way.

It is harmful to use VPN abroad in these countries. As they known risk zone. So your VPN location is any of them you need to suffer. Here is some restriction.

Here is a piece of good news is that Seychelles is located outside of this jurisdiction and this is out of these five eyes “big brother”. So you feel happy.

2. No Logging Whatsoever:

Trust.VPN  says that they can not take any log history from the users. This is a simple fact.

One can use a VPN to use it personally. Here he can use private sight in his personal life. So that he might not want that anybody knows it. You always use it privately.

Here many VPN kept your activity and logging history. Here you are unable to hide them.

Here most of the VPN providers say that they don’t keep logging history. So there Trust.VPN is the same os them.

So here nothing can do. You need to maintain it.

Here we see that they take a little information from us. As they did not take our full details as like our address, biodata, phone number and so on. They only take a email address from us to create communication between them and us. So that they can inform us of their service bad or good time.

So they are work a simple and smart way.

And that is it. They don’t keep any log from you. So that you can feel free and you can use it in your private life.

3. Protocol and Encryption:

Here you can find some good quality. You can cheek some quality before using a VPN like is it use modern technology to hide our logging history and IP. You feel happy to use this VPN.

You can use this VPN privately. Your all personal history is kept hardly as they use standard encryption and protocols. You can get a good signal.

They offer gives you two protocols called OpenVPN and L2TP. You can use it with your own choice. Both of them are standard quality.

OpenVPN is a really wonderful VPN. Here the technology which is used that is qualities and it always updating day by day. For this, it is used by all renowned VPN providers.

Trust.VPN work with AES-256 encryption which is a good one. Also, the good news is that it uses modern technology. Here is a deal with the government and it is Area 51 kind of encryption.

The other VPN protocol is L2TP. it is a layer 2 tunneling protocol. So here is some good quality on L2TP but it is not completely secure. So we need to avoid it.

4. No Leaks or No Viruses:

VPN is created to hide one IP and use for personally. But it is bad for us when it leaks its data. Then our information is in danger. So there we suffer a lot and that is risky. DNS & WebRTC is the most common leaks and they occur anytime.

A DNS leak occurs when a VPN tunnel is bypassed and it shows your location where you are exactly are. Then you are unable to mask your IP.

Here WebVPN asks these question……

Here API which is used by WebRTC that is harmful. So it causes to harm for your web activity.

So here what happens we can realize them is a test. We take six tests that occur these leak than we make sure what problem create. Are they harm to our system or not. Here Trust.Zone is passed in these all test.

The tests are…..

  • – Passed
  • – Passed
  • – Passed
  • – Passed
  • – Passed
  • – Passed

Here you see that Trust.Zone VPN is free from the leak.

Then we need to take the virus test. Here we take 66 different types of viruses and make the test. After we find our result that there is no effect of the virus and they are free.

Here the result of 66 viruses and the result is that Trust.VPN is free from all virus and it is all ok.

5. Speed test:

Here speed is one of the best parts of a VPN quality. There is always a problem over it. Where Trust.Zone is also.

Now we see two Trust.Zone VPN servers( EU & US). now we test both of these servers and result is blown…..

EU Speed Test

  • Ping: 43 ms
  • Download: 68.46 Mbps
  • Upload: 46.12 Mbps

Here the result is EU servers was faster in its coverage.

Now the time for US……

US Speed Test

  • Ping 195 ms
  • Download: 60.61 Mbps
  • Upload: 36.75 Mbps

Here the US speed is lower than the EU but is an acceptable one. Not bad. Here Trust.VPN speed ranking is 15 out of 78.

6. Works with Netflix:

Trust.VPN works for unblocking Netflix. But it is difficult to find out a VPN which is work with Netflix. As most of the VPN work over Netflix.

Normally Netflix does not like a VPN. So you can not find Netflix in old VPN providers. So there is a restriction.

Here we see that Trust,Zone is under their restriction. We check five of them and us able to use Netflix.

So Trust.VPN works with Netflix that is an exclusive one.

7. Torrenting is Allowed:

Trust.VPN allow torrenting. It is popular for its torrenting, torrenting use peer to peer style. Here P2P is used and by this, you can download a small file.

Here it gives you an opportunity for download but it also risks to you. Here you fall in problem.

Hackers always try to hack you by your personal information. They use torrenting to access your id. So there trust.VPN gives you extra protection.

But others VPN cannot use this P2P but Trust.VPN permit you to use torrent in their server.

As the result is that Trust.VPN is the top 10 VPN using torrent VPN.

8. Servers and Privacy Features:

A strong server is helpful for all VPN users. For this user can feel comfort use browsing.

Trust,VPN has a good server at all. Almost is has 165 servers in 87 location. Whether it is not a big number but not better. So we can get their service in these locations. Otherwise, we can not connect with them.

Here is good device support in Trust.VPN. they permit 3 devices at a time. You can connect the phone, computer, and other devices. The other person is your family member or close relative who can enjoy it.

You can browse a unlimited data without any bandwidth. So let’s enjoy what you want. They are also related to the tor network. They have also a built-in- kill the app. So enjoy more and more.

This app will help you to secure your information. When you fall any problem it solves it atomically as it works like the human immune system.

9. Install and Using system:

Trust.VPN app installing is so simple. Here you see a link then click it and get set up. You seether link and there is a install option. So go to the link and finished installing.

Then after finished install, you show a yellow bar ten click it……

Nest it took some second about 20 seconds then you see a green bar. Next….

Next step is to switch the server. It is very easy. You need to click your chosen servers and it connects by itself.

Here finished these steps you can easily get your setup. There my experience is good and positive.

Trust.Zone Cons:

Here we already show Trust.VPN positive side. But every particle has some negative sights too. So this VPN has some limit. Now the time is to find out them. It is difficult to find a VPN without any negative side. So let’s start.

1. Limited Device Support:

Trust.VPN support some major devices. There is a limitation on this option. Here are a great support in the computer, phone, tablets, streaming devices, and gaming system in the other VPN. but Trust.VPN can not support all this item. They only give support on some computer and mobile. Like……

We are found iOS, Linux, Android, Windows, and Mac. Those are the the only devices that one can use in Trust.VPN official website. So now the choice is your what device you select.

There is no chance to play the game in Trust.VPN official page but you can use some routers in this VPN.

Here one thing is that they say we can use FireTV or Fire Stick, but I can not find it. I don’t find any instruction about that on their website.

2. Customer Support:

Here all product need good customers support. So a VPN need good customers support.

Trust.VPN customers support is not the best one. Here you can get customers service from them from Monday to Friday (6 am to 4 pm). They can not support 24/7 customers service.

Then I fill the form and ask them some question. Next day I got a email and their answer is like

There they answer my question and also add some tips for me. Here is good support from them. But it is very bad that if I ask any question on Friday, then we might get our answer on Monday. So here we had to suffer 3 days that is so boring. So there they need to moderate in this sector. Then it looks really good.

Costs, Plans, & Payment Methods:

Trust.VPN has some basic plan. Here I will show you…..

There you show that three plan is this VPN. One is for three months, then for years and the third is for two years. So whether you feel comfortable.

You have three days testing option before buying any plan. So you can use it for three days and then you make your decision yes or not. They give permission one device for this test and the data range is 1 GB.

Here you show that the monthly rate of this plan is

  • 3 Month pack: $6.99
  • 1 Year pack: $3.99
  • 2 Year pack: $2.99

Here you see that the 2-year pack is a really good one. It is a great and smart pack. But here you see that…

  • The UK for $9.99 per month.
  • For the three simulation connection, the rate is $2.99 per month.

Now is for payment you can try……

Here you can pay your bill to use Paypal, Credit Cards, PayPro, and Bitcoin. A piece of good news is that if you pay your bill in Bitcoin, you can get a 10% discount. So it is exceptional. They also give 10 days money back guarantee.

Do I Recommend Trust.Zone?

Yes or not.

Trust.Zone VPN is really good service. There is an easy setup, speed is not bad, good encryption protocols. If you need a torrent you can use torrent. Also, get Netflix.

By the way, you already see its details in this review. So the decisions depend on yours. My suggestion is you can use it. So now you can draw your decision.

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