Celo VPN Review

Celo Net Pty Ltd is the company name of Celo VPN.

Celo VPN is an Australian based company. Around 15 countries they got 18 servers. So it is a very small thing.

But is not so bad after all.

We can say small means ‘Friendly’ and ‘Personal’.

There is no reason for alarming anyway.
So, we’ll discover either ‘Small’ is good or ‘does size matter’ in the end in this Celo VPN Review.

Pros of Using Celo VPN

Though they are pretty small, there are a few things that Celo VPN does well. Celo VPN allow Torrenting, they provide secure Logging Policy and have enormous protocol options.

Now we see what they do well.

1. Does Not Collect Logs

At the time of online browsing, they don’t collect uses of online services or users browsing history.

The fact that what you download and stream or the sites that you access they never record that.

Though they claim they do not collect logs, they collect a little bit that we ensured by their Terms and Service and their Logging Policy page.

Most of the VPNs collect email address and payment details and so Celo VPN also collects that.

But there is an option for you. If you want you can give your name otherwise not and your payment processed by a third-party. So you can be sure that your data doesn’t keep their servers.

2. Supports Three Protocols with AES-256 Encryption

There are four protocols such as SSTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 which is supported by Celo VPN.

Most of the time if you want you can stick with one of the standard protocol name OpenVPN. In fact, at the time of using IPSec you’ll often use iOS by default.

The industry-standard 256-bit encryption also used with Celo VPN.
There is no reason for concerning because it is one of the standard state of the art encryption.

3. Allows Torrenting

A ton of servers which is not offered by Celo VPN.

But interestingly, they allow torrenting.

Some popular clients like BitTorrent, uTorrent, and more they ensure tutorial class.

Celo VPN with uTorrent perform as a trinket when I’ve tested it. In fact, uTorrent setting is very simple and fast and no major connection issue were there.

4. Compatible with Most Popular Platforms

MacOS, Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and ChromeOS perform with Celo VPN.

How you’ll set up all of those platforms, you can see that in their Support Section.

Tor Browser and most of the routers also perform with Celo VPN. Apple TV and Gaming Consoles are also supported by them.

Like other VPN Celo VPN has one downside also.

Celo VPN works with OpenVPN by default but in your Tablet or Smartphone, no apps there are to install it.

First you have to set up with OpenVPN app then connect to the servers manually. Keep in mind that you have to follow step-by-step instructions and shouldn’t go wrong.

If you want you can use five different devices with the same Celo VPN account at the same time.

5. Offers Lots of Features for Your Money

Celo VPN plans are good but the signup term is the distinction.
In fact, their all plans are stocked with excellent features.

Their each package plan which they provide are given here:

  • Free DDoS Protection
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • Free SOCKS5 And Shadowsocks Proxy
  • OpenVPN (TCP/UDP)
  • SSTP (Windows OS Only)
  • Up to 5 Connections simultaneously
  • IKEv2
  • IPv6 Support
  • Obfuscated SSH Tunnel Port Forward
  • Ad/Malware Blocker

6. Works with Tor

Tor stands for “The Onion Router” that save your data and it works as a security-minded internet browser.

Tor is used for anonymizing your web activity. You can do that by your web traffic that is called “Tor Relays”. This is a server which is used by thousands of people across the globe.

When you use Tor Browser nobody can tell easily where the main point is.

Tor Browser is really appropriate with Celo VPN that’s good. If you want to increment your security and anonymity on online you can see it.

7. No Leaks Found (One Caveat, Though)

Security is one of the most important things in a VPN to conceal your real location.
If you use a proxy server there is no option for website or government to find out it.

You’re in “Toronto” if your VPN says, but in online it says that you’re in “New York”. Here a leak is produced your connection.

In the first place, a VPN service undercut DNS leaks.

For this reason, whether your connection is leak-proof or not to make sure we’ve tested various.

When we’ve tested it we found that our IP/DNS didn’t leak bu Celo VPN.

  • https://ipleak.net/ (none found)
  • https://ipx.ac/run (none found)
  •  https://www.perfect-privacy.com/check-ip/ (none found)
  • https://www.perfect-privacy.com/dns-leaktest/ (none found)
  • https://browserleaks.com/webrtc (none found)
  • http://dnsleak.com/ (none found)

There are no IP leaks
There are no DNS leaks

We want to make sure whether they’re totally clean before affecting your device. So we use VirusTotal.com to install VPN’s files.

Unluckily, there were two viruses that we found.

Cons of Using Celo VPN

Celo VPN speed is not so good because when you connect with their servers you found a few speed percussion.

It is not totally problematic but the experience is not the smoothest.

At the time of terminate, we saw there were many bad issues.

One of the biggest trouble that we found when we had with their service.

1. Too Difficult Setup Process

Almost Celo VPN is easy to use.
Without five different issues.

First, Celo VPN doesn’t provide any native apps so you’ve must configure OpenVPN with their settings.
Walkout one.

Second, it really aches to figure out this info
Now I’ll try to protect you from the dispute:

You can download all of the OpenVPN through this link. The link is given here. First, you’ll log in it with your customer info and make sure that your account is A-OK.
You can download the version that you want. Install it, then open it up, and the log-in window you’ll get.

Which country you want to choose list down to your server.

Interestingly, the names of the countries are not written in full.

For example, you can write “NL” for the Netherlands, “UK” for the United Kingdom, “US’ for the United States, and so on. You can take the help of Google if you get lost here.

Among other VPN review, something is missing here.

Most of the VPN service tell you accurately where each server is – down to the city.

But that is not done by Celo VPN. only they give you country code.
Really, that’s suspicious.

There are so many VPN that lie about their services but Celo VPN telling the truth.
Where you think they are, they are not exactly there because Celo VPN has a low beginning server count.

There is a crowded server, so you’ve to fight for limited resources. But the results remain the same if you connect to a halfway server across the globe.
Next, access your name and password and click on “Yes”. then you connect with the server.

Now it is the time for last issues.
Your present server has to disconnect at the time of connecting a different server.

You can now choose a new one.

Before disconnecting your connection you have must active your kill switch when you’re on a Windows device. If you don’t do that your actual location is revealed when you’re going to another server.

2.Member Of The Five Eyes Agreement

Celo VPN is an Australia based VPN.

Australia is a member of the 5 Eyes Agreement.

Those five countries are – The United Kingdom, The United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. They’ve accordant that in the name of “World Peace”, they share their intelligence information with each other.

But their government agencies collect any kind of data that is also attached. But it is only applied with a Ton of staff report.

You should be careful before signing up Celo VPN.

Why you want to get a VPN to think about hard that because when your data share with half oe the developed countries you might have lamentation.

3. Speeds Are Average At Best

VPNs might be secure as well as fast.

Your connection will be slow down if you add extra Encryption layers.

In fact, you’ll stay anonymous not force you to dial-up speeds.

After Malware and Leak test we’ll also test speed to make sure you’re not forced to go back on the stone age of the internet.

Thus, out of 78 VPNs that we test, Celo VPN got the 24th place so they worked OK.
Except for any interfering connection, we run a speed test.

My primary speed was 90.90 Mbps and 34.38 Mbps for Download and Upload particularly.
Then we connect different VPN servers.

We test it with out vpn that are given here:

U.S Server (Arizona)

  • Ping: 170
  • Download: 41.65 Mbps (54.2% slower)
  • Upload: 8.53 Mbps (75.2% slower)

Here we can see that that’s not so good.

Now EU server:

EU Server (Paris)

  • Ping: 38
  • Download: 69.05 Mbps (24% slower)
  • Upload: 28.36 MBps (17.5% slower)

Here we can see that’s not so bad.

So, European servers aren’t horrible the U.S ones look like that fetch our next issue.

4. Very Limited Server Network

Around 15 countries Celo VPN has only 18 servers.

That’s worse.

First, when we connect with their servers we exactly don’t know which cities these servers are.
Second, there are few servers but a lot of people connected that ensure slow speed.

But, why not for Switch Servers?

That is a good concept.

Without one thing.
There are not adequate servers near to you so if you oppressed to connect with a server it is also the same trouble.

If you’re near to that server you’ll get better performance.

When you want to make a connection the whole world take as a brief trip. So it is also another problem.

5. Kill Switch Included On Windows 7 & 10 Only

When you want to switch on servers you oppressed by Celo VPN to disconnect.

This is not terminate. You have a kill-switch option.

We can compare it to an insurance plan. Kill switch hide your information like your actual location and browsing session that is not share with the globe.

Unfortunately, only Windows 7 and 10 perform with Celo VPN’s kill switch.

Yes, of course.

There are no Windows 8, Mac or iOS.

There are other things for Windows users, there is no switch for OpenVPN software.
In Windows, you can make the tweaks but it is alarming for most of the users.

You can do that in “The OS Level” because it is useful and that desktop kill-switches that is asserted by Celo VPN’s customer support “tend all the time don’t work”.

6. Doesn’t Work With Netflix

Wherever or whatever you want to stream.what you can or can’t that is said without a big-Bad-Studio.

One trouble is here.
At present Netflix become more sophisticated. They’re able to indicate popular VPN servers and shut off entry for many people in one fell swoop.

Either Celo VPN capable of exemption Hollywood’s grasp or not to make sure we test it.

But we aren’t able to get closer with them.

Out of Five Servers that we tested there were Zero.

To get them closer I click on the play button, but they treat me as a ill person and send me on my way.

Customer Support claims that they allow “Some” Netflix Servers but they’re disabled to tell me which ones.

I’ve tried but can’t buy it.

I think you can’t also.

7. Customer Support Is Slow

Social Media, Email, Live Chat help you to get their Customer Support.
There is also another option. If you want you can check out before emailing them.

Sounds Promising, is it correct?

I asked them three questions through their Customer Support Section:

Then waited for their response.

After ten minutes almost they took for responding. In fact, the answer looks like their own FAQ.
In a few seconds, that simple exchange can take but it has been needing the better part of half an hour.

Celo VPN Cost, Plans And Payment Methods

Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Final, And Annual payment system are allowed by Celo VPN. All of the plans loaded with features.

The PrePayment and Contract length is the only difference
Credit Card, Debi Card, PayPal, and Payza payment system which is accepted by Celo VPN.

They also accept THIRTY cryptocurrencies, BitCoin.

Cash is not supprted by them.

They ensure two day free trial and a ten-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. You can use their service.

But after 10 days, no refund will be given.

Some issues that are offered in the Terms of Service that can affect your refund.
When they refund you is must be USD exchange based not the main purchase date.
But if you primarily paid you can get back a little more or a less exact amount.

Payment system plays an important role here. Because if you can’t get money back they also offer product service.

Do I Recommend Celo VPN?

The answer isn’t quite clear.

In this VPN service what you’re getting you can think about that.
Celo VPN provides great Pricing, Torrent Support, Easy to use the desktop app, No Logging, Strong Encryption.

Australia based company and the member of the Five Eyes Agreement but there are security and privacy problem. But that’s not the concerning point for ordinal users.

Like other VPNs, at the terminate, there are some drawbacks.

Their user experience is not so good it is disappointing. They are not working with Netflix. Kill-Switch is not supported by them and speeds are only average. In fact, there were also Malware issues and multiple DNS leaks.

Finally, if you want to use a better VPN I’d suggest you see at the top of our Top-Ten VPN list.

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