PersonalVPN Review

In 2005, WiTopia was introduced Personal VPN.
There are two important things that you will study in this Personal VPN review:

Their speed is ridiculous.
But at a large cost, that speed comes.

Around 44 countries they’ve got 300 servers which are Virginia, USA based.

Among all other VPN providers, they are not the best VPN. but when they boasting a page it doesn’t stop them that “why the best VPN they’re”.

If you want to know whether is it valuable or not you can see this VPN review.

PersonalVPN Pros+

ProtonVPN web site ensures that they make some brave claims. But like other VPN competitors, they also have some lack of those claims.

Where they overcome that now we review it.

1. Really Freaking Fast

Though speed is one of the most important things but Personal VPN not gentle with their speed.

Honestly said, when we test some VPNs speed the results was quite the same.

But why? Now we’ll explain that:
When we use VPN, most of the time our web connection works very slow.
A little spill off vs and no encryption is really a general knowledge.

But it is not the same at all servers we can say “almost” because sometimes VPNs server that is so fast and it overcome all alternatives.

Actually, that happens with Personal VPN.

The connection speed with different servers which start with around 86.41 Mbps and 33.67 Mbps Download and Upload particularly.

Then we test it again to switch on the connection.
The speed test results are given here:

U.S Server

  • Ping: 118 ms
  • Download: 125.53 Mbps (45% slower0
  • Upload: 29.38 Mbps (13% slower)

Here we can see that U.S Server speed is very good. It ran so fast.

In fact, it is believable and not a fluke.

Now we test it with the EU server.

EU Server (Netherlands)

  • Ping: 118 ms
  •  Download: 73.78 Mbps (15% slower)
  • Upload: 40.69 Mbps (21% slower)

Here we can see that upload speeds were at the top of the roof.

It is one of the fastest VPN that we’ve tested. Because 199.36 download speed score put them as the fastest.

2. Support 4 Major VPN Tunneling Protocols

OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP, and PPTP protocols are supported by PersonalVPN.

You can use which one you like more and choose it in the settings.

If you want you can use OpenVPN protocols. For IPSec variation, you can use an iOS device that helps you. In fact, there are some older devices that help to downgrade to PPTP.

But if you like to change it you can do that freely.

3. Uses the Rock-Solid AES-256 Encryption Standard

PersonalVPN works with the standard 256-bit encryption and it provides good security systems

You can be sure that your encryption doesn’t hack anybody soon because it works with 256-bit encryption.

But keep in mind that rock-solid 256-bit encryption sometimes can slow down your connection.
But there’s no slow down sign at the time we saw it.

There are some competitions like Private Tunnel, which often use lower encryption to boost speeds. For this reason, they said that.

Though Personal VPN has higher encryption they blow them out of the water. So it means that you don’t have a risk for security privacy.

4. Strong Device Support

There are some simultaneous devices that work with Personal VPN such as Macs, Windows, Chromebook, Linux, Boxee, iOS, Blackberry, and Android.

In fact, they mobilized with company’s Cloak VPN router boxes.

It is true.
Who mobilized with their VPN. The company sells its router box with those VPN users.
Customer support section helps you to set up every platform.

Live chat support is allowed with Personal VPN and it works with Tor browser.

There are no native apps available such as Smart TVs and Gaming consoles. If you asked about it they suggest you work with a VPN router.

When you use a Tablet or Smartphone you can’t install their native apps because there is no option to install it.

You can do a little work that can distract some beginners.

You can use five different devices at the same time with the same Personal VPN account.

5. Works with the Tor Browser

You can connect with Onion Router that helps you to forward your web traffic through different ‘relay’. Where your signal begin nobody can find out easily and that is the purpose.

Tor browser is good for anonymity, but not great for security. They can’t save you from bad exit nodes and relay points.

Interestingly, PersonalVPN is appropriate with Tor Browser. So there is no cause to fear about it.

6. Mostly Easy to Use

PersonalVPN is very simple to use.
In a few minutes, you can install it and its client is good.

We can’t figure out any remarkable issues until we switch on servers.
All the servers that you previously connect, you must totally disconnect from them if you want to switch on the servers.

There is no kill switch to save your data and conceal your real IP address so it is really shapeless when you’re clicking all around.

At the time of opening Personal VPN, you’ll connect to the last server you were on. The Personal VPN connection is very easy and fast.

You can click on “Advanced Connect” to connect with an individual server but if you want to connect randomly “Quick Connect” help you to connect.

You must choose your server when you connect with “Advanced Connect”.

Now it is the time of using VPN protocol. Among other VPN, OpenVPN is one of the best VPN protocol that you can use.

There is also another option if you prefer other protocol you can use that.
Then you select your encryption level and there is only one option.
When you click on “Connect” you’ll be off to another country. Your real IP address well anyway.

7. Each Plan has a Ton of Features

There are some VPN companies that offers a free plan. But it must be limited.

They only give you a few GB of data.
So you can work well for a week then it will be almost useless.

Luckily, PersonalVPN ensures some features on all paid plans that are given here:

  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Use on Multitude of Devices
  • Unlimited Speed
  • Nat Firewall
  • Access to Global Network
  • Multiple VPN Protocols
  • Witopia Secure DNS
  • Military-Grade 256-bit Encryption
  • Optimized Super Fast IPSec w/IKEv2
  • Zero Logging of Internet Activity
  • Encrypted Wifi
  • 24*7*365 LIVE Chat Support
  • 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Back Guarantee

There are also some Basic Plans in Personal VPN:

  • PPTP, L2TP/IPsec
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • Optimized Super Fast IPsec w/IKEv2
  • Monthly Plan also Available

All of those things are included by Personal Plan Pro:

  • Encrypted OpenVPN Protocol with unique per user 4096-bit certificate, Fully Customizable Gateways, 256-bit Military-Grade AES Encryption, TCP/UDP, and over 65,000 ports, and Ciphers.
  • Stealth Modes with TOR Technology

Finally, the Big Daddy option is the Personal Plan Premier that provides all that stuff:

  • Add your own VPN Router.
  • you can share VPN entirely your office.
  • Any device with Ethernet or Wifi can use your VPN, such as Smart TVs and gaming consoles.
  •  Exclusive VPN Router Setup Tools
  • Free Secure Email™ Encrypted Email
  • Up to 8 Simultaneous Connections
  • Yahoo, Gmail,, Exchange or office 365 and most of the other Email Address allow End to End Encryption.
  • Mac, Windows, Android, with iOS and more coming soon.
  • Easy Inviting of Friends and Colleagues.

Personal VPN Cons-

First of all, PersonalVPN is thunder.
They provide excellent performance through encryption level or protocol options.
In fact, they said that.

Unluckily, when we test this VPN connection we tons of loopholes.
Now, we discuss their logging policy first:

1. Collects Some Logs

PersonalVPN Privacy Policy ensures that online browsing history and online services they doesn’t log data.

We can know it by their Privacy Policy.
But they collect some information that also said in their Privacy Policy.

That’s OK.
Are they doing with all the data?

Here’s Good news and Bad news particularly:
There’s no cause for anxious you browsing history keep here.

In fact, they can identify you by your email address and payment information that you are the customer of Personal VPN.

2. Inside the Five Eyes Agreement

WiTopia is the company of Personal VPN that is Virginia based.
So, they are the card-carrying member of the U.S’ 5 Eyes Jurisdiction. So they’re official.

Here are those Five different countries such as The United Kingdom, The United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. They promise that they share their intelligence with each other.

Online users and their activities must be included in that information.
I want to know about their payment system but it looks like a great mystical.
We tried to get it by email twice….

But there’s nothing.
Finally, I’ve connected with Live Chat…

This time also the same results. They couldn’t help.
There’s nobody in the company think about replying me quickly when I asked them.
In this situation, though they are a member of 5 Eyes Jurisdiction it makes you little worry.

3. Tons of DNS Leaks And WebRTC Leaks

If your VPN service tells your computer is now set on a beach in Rio, do you take it seriously?

According to theory, you do that. In fact, both of your real IP address and your online activities can often leak.

In the first place, a VPN software undercut by these leaks.
But which one that to know it we’ve tested 70 VPN revies.
We found there’s two leaks unluckily:

. (none found)
. (none found)
. (none found)
. (none found)
. (none found)
. (one leak found!) is also used to install VPN files that came back totally clean.
But two leaks are so much fearful for a VPN app.

4. No Kill Switch

When your connection is stopped, kill switch help you to hide your real IP Address.

But Personal VPN doesn’t allow kill switch.
That’s OK. because it is not terminate.

But their logic really surprised us:
That’s not bad either.
Web activity is monitoring by the NSA until you’ve full entry to Frankie and Grace.

In this barter, what my favorite part was being you know?
We want to test it with Netflix.
For this reason, everyone uses Personal VPN.

Without one tiny problem….

5. Didn’t Work With Netflix

The initial cause for sign up Personal VPN is Netflix geo-backing but at the time of testing five different servers we couldn’t stream a single thing.

PersonalVPN doesn’t allow Netflix. Their servers blocked by Netflix:

  • United States: Chicago
  • United States: New York
  • The United Kingdom: London
  • Canada
  • Netherlands

Thus, if you want a VPN for Netflix, you can use other VPN except for Personal VPN.

6. Spotty Customer Support

You can get their customer support through snail mail, email, social media, and live chat. There’s another support option that you can check out you before emailing them.

I asked them a few questions through email but they don’t answer me.

  1. You have your Cloak VPN routers, do you support any other router?
  2. Do you support BitTorrent connection?
  3. Can you explain this “low profile mode” and when it is switched on what it does? In fact, what circumstances I want to use it?
  4. At the time of payment transactions by Credit Card what payment service do you use?
  5. Does Personal VPN support Tor Browser, gaming consoles, and smart TVs?
  6. Why you have no kill switch?
    Luckily they provide better live chat support.

But when I asked them some questions and they don’t give any answer that makes us really disappointed.

7. Torrenting Kinda Allowed (But Not Officially Condoned)

Actually, PersonalVPN doesn’t support Torrenting. We know it to live chat with them.

In fact, they’re not trying to block you.

If you want to use P2P you can do that but it’s not a solid, long term option.

Personal VPN Cost, Plans, And Payment Methods

There is a monthly and annual payment system in Personal VPN.

They offer discounts for annual payments. You can pay one, two, or three years in advance.
It only set you back $110 for three years basic plan.
Personal VPN accepts Credit Card, Debit Card, Visa, Master Card, and PayPal payment system.

PersonalVPN provides a Free 30-day money-back guarantee. If you want you can take benefit of that excellent three-year deal and you can back out still have a month.

There’s “Too much potential for deception” in Cryptocurrencies, so they don’t support that.

Do I Recommend Personal VPN?

PersonalVPN ensures better speeds.

There are various platforms which is supported by them such as Blackberries and Chromebooks and their own router box.

Their payment system is also really good and they offer discounts that help you for further ahead payment.

Some walkout against them which they do have are given here:
. They are Virginia based with Five Eyes agreement.
. They don’t answer about their payment process.
. No kill switch option here.
. Bitcoin or Cash payment is not accepted by them.
. They have no BitTorrent support.
. They don’t work with Netflix.

Obviously, their speed is good at the top og rankings.

But ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost are better VPN compare to Personal VPN. In fact, they don’t immolation your security.

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