Perfect Privacy VPN Review

We always use the most popular server for cheek another VPN connection cause we use for know proxy and service.
Now in this time we see their all protocol and see that their all the sight are right or wrong.
We see that very carefully.

The Swiss-based cames had privacy. its found in 2014.its a good thing for using the server.

And we see our perfect privacy VPN. That cause we spill our private network and see it always.

Perfect Privacy Pros

Perfect privacy falls down protocols and encryption sight. Their most of the viral policy is not deep., connection leak free so week and all application user-friendly.

1. Industry-Standard Encryption and Protocols

Perfect Privacy starts made to be strong, most of the OpenVPN give protocol, along with anything, plus SOCKS5 and PPTP proxy.

Secret VPN would be your default like in all most cases cause this offers the grade 256-bit encryption. No man has ever been cant able to hack this rock-solid standard. or no one will profit in the near future. This could even take today’s supercomputers to miss to crack. We can see that anyone can not explain.

2. Zero-Logging Policy

In other VPN companies can use their legalese to take and give themselves for some others room. That’s why all users either will not understand that what they’re agreeing Or, they all will be powerless to close the company from using our personal secret data.

cause most of the times, when they dig down the privacy of all VPNs terms and privacy policy, you can discover this they outright lie about their all about policies.

3. Leak and Virus-Free Connection:

we are sure that every VPN join tells truly that and we are confident to give us all security. now we see you all thing of lake and virus free connection.

  • (none found)
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  • (none found)
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That is big news for considering a few other VPNs we have reviewed.sgus that many products gave various for the week our server.
At the same time, a VPN bears more cost for manually help. That’s bad for a drive.

4. Easy-to-Use Application

Every VPN can not work properly.
You can expect them for very simple.1st you select a server and hit.
What about are the perhaps false?
Fine..something sees clearly.
Actually, rightly join it suffers 2 hours time.
Its can needs some open secret privacy.
The option can allow changing many thing protocols. once you up to start you can start it from the bar.

We can not find any problem with their app.
In the same time, we find some minor inconveniences.
mainly, server switching would take a long as more seconds. A compared to the instantaneous experience we are with many VPNs.
Then, the app user us the old version and I know its too little.
In this time, deal with killers. stuff to aware or before purchasing an entire year to the worth of all service.
Perfect Privacy app also bears a kill switch to make sure the open browsing session isn’t exposed. your internet connection unfortunately drops.
A 1.when tunnel is active then VPN is connected.
A 2.when program is active.
3.permanent when all soft are off.

5. Customer Support:

The Perfect Privacy VPN provider shows good customers support. They offer a FAQ section, forum, and email. You can not use live chat as it is not available.

In FAQ here you can find some simple question answer. It is very simple and decent.

In the email, you can solve your difficult problem. So if you have any complex task you need to solve it by email.

Here the service of their customer’s service is almost fast. They all work hard for this. So you can solve your problem with a short time.

Their customer’s support is not bad. Here you ask any questions they might answer like as….

Here it is so simple. Here if you need any extra help they can help as you need. Even they will help you through TeamViewer as you need. So don’t worry about it. It is very useful and smart.

6. Netflix:

Perfect Privacy VPN has good privacy settings. They are work with Netflix. Here Netflix is available and there is some reason for that. They are….

  • U.S. Washington server – not working
  • U.S. New York server – not working
  • UK server – not working
  • Canada server – not working
  • The Netherland server – working

That’s all. For more details, you can see another VPN review.

Perfect Privacy Cons

Everything has both advantages and disadvantages. Perfect Privacy VPN has some limitation. Now let’s see them.

1. Slow Server Speed:

Perfect Privacy VPN show a slow speed. We have tested many of them and this VPN is slower than others. It also has a costly encryption policy.

Otherwise, Perfect Privacy gives us secure privacy. Here we get a positive result.
Here the position of this VPN is 4th out of 78 that placed in the top 10, easily. Here we find 98.71 Mbps download and 53 Mbps upload speed. That is not bad at all.

Next time we have tested Netherland server and our result is….

  • Download: 62.21 Mbps
  • Upload: 18.62 Mbps

That was not bad.
Then we see US server here the result is….

  • Download: 32.78 Mbps
  • Upload: 33.27 Mbps

It is almost good. But it is not better like Express VPN.

2. Limited Torrenting Allowed:

Perfect Privacy VPN allow torrenting but there is a limitation. You can use torrenting but you can not always get strong privacy. Sometimes privacy was not working properly.

You can connect with some devices and that open your identity. This time VPN will protect you as you be a heavy more torrent.

This matter is not the fact that Perfect Privacy allows torrenting. They use “premium dedicated servers” and they are too smart. It is a great job that other VPN servers gives you the opportunity to use this torrenting. Here the price rate is standard.

3. Low Server Network:

Perfect Privacy VPN providers have 55+ servers in 23 different counties. That is not many but not bad at all. Where you compare it with other VPN like NordVPN or PIA( Private Internet Access).

Here the number of Perfect Privacy VPN servers is low. Where the other VPN company has so many servers.

There the second problem is in proximity. In this sector, you have to face the servers problem. As Perfect Privacy VPN servers have in 23 countries. There is a problem to connect one server to other servers. So there is the limitation.

4. 5-Eyes Cooperative Jurisdiction:

Switzerland uses Perfect Privacy as like friendly. Here they have a little wrinkle.

Here the Swiss can help Five Eyes security alliance at the time of their need. Then you are clear about your weakness if you have.

I said to be honest that Perfect Privacy VPN gives us security as much they able. But this is a small service. It makes protection on your personal data. So your activity is secure.

5. Device Compatibility:

Perfect Privacy offers some devices. They are…

  • Mac – easy to set up through OpenVPN and Tunnelbrick
  • iOS – through IPsec protocol
  • Linux – through IPsec and OpenVPN
  • Android – through IPsec
  • IPTV – AppleTV, SmartTV, Satellite TV, Playstation, Xbox
  • Routers – custom set up

Here is a piece of good news that you all can use unlimited devices in one time in one pack. That is so wonderful. Others VPN provider here gives three or five devices allow. But this VPN is smarter than all. You all can even use Tor too.

They have the only app for Windows or Linux device. For others, you need to browse their site. Here you have to use OpenVPN to set up. Thus you can use Perfect Privacy VPN.

Perfect Privacy Plans, Pricing, and Payment Options:

Perfect Privacy has some pricing plan. So let’s see them. Here the plan details are updated in February 2019. Here I see you them in USD rate…

  • 1 Month pack: – for a month 12.99 € (0.43 € per day) or $14.68 USD
  • 3 Months pack: you can save 7.75%  & you have to pay 35.95 € (0.40 € per day) or $40.62 USD
  • 6 Months pack: there is  saves 15.38% & you all need to pay 65.95 € (0.37 € per day) or $74.52 USD
  • 12 Months pack: here one can save 23.02%  they have to pay 119.99 € (0.33 € per day) or $135.59 USD
  • 24 Months pack: on this pack, you can save 31.05%  you have to pay 214.95 € (0.30 € per day) or $242.89 USD

Here is all price rate. Then there is on your own choice what you need. You all can pay your bill to use PayPal, Bitcoin, Mobiamo, Visa and Mastercard, Amex, and UnionPay. Whatever you can like you can pay by it. There is another option to pay your bill. You all can pay your bill by cash to use their address. You can use Latvia for this.

Here is good news that they offer 7 days money guarantee. You can use it and get a chance to test them for 7 days. Also a chance for you that you can use Bitcoin to pay your bill. That’s all.

Do You Recommend Perfect Privacy?

Yes or not.

It is difficult to answer this question. There is both some advantages or disadvantages. You all see the details in this review. So now the choice depends on you. To decide the choice you can read others VPN review. Then you should take your decision.

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